Top 3 Anime Adapted from Light Novels

Top 3 Anime Adapted from Light Novels - Featured Image

As somebody that grew an interest in Light Novels due to watching a few anime shows in my childhood, I wanted to gather my personal top three choices. 

The usual heads up; I will be talking about the main plots of these three different series so if you’re good with continuing then let’s get straight into it! 

3) Zero No Tsukaima/The Familiar of Zero

Anime Adapted from Light Novels - Zero no Tsukaima

As I’ve mentioned in another article, Zero No Tsukaima is one of the first anime shows I watched and actually inspired me to write a lot of fantasy-based mini-stories when I was younger. 

It tells the story of Louise, an aristocratic school-girl who resides at a Magic Academy where she’s given the nickname “Louise the Zero” due to her ineptitude at even the simplest of magical spells. 

Her life becomes more problematic on the day that her class are given the task to summon their Familiars. While her classmates summon various creatures, some being cutesy little critters while another summons an actual DRAGON, Louise ends up summoning a human boy named Saito from Japan. 

At first, their relationship is extremely rocky but after a short-time, Louise begins to warm up to Saito and eventually starts to fall in love with him. While I personally found Louise’s extreme tsundere behaviour tiresome at times, I can’t deny that this show will always hold a special place in my heart. 

2) Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Shukufuku Wo/Konosuba

Anime Adapted from Light Novels - Konosuba

I LOVE this series. 

Being similar to Zero No Tsukaima, this is another light-hearted show that focuses mainly on the comedic aspects of an isekai. It tells the story of a reclusive young man named Kazuma who ends up DYING after “saving” a girl from a slow moving vehicle. He is then taken to a realm where a goddess named Aqua intends to send him to an alternate world where he can bring ONE thing of his choice along with him. 

Displeased with Aqua’s attitude, Kazuma decides to bring her with him and to her utter disbelief and hysterics, Kazuma is granted his request. Together, they are thrust straight into a world completely based on a typical RPG-related surrounding and eventually gain more members to their party that end up causing more chaos than actual good. 

As somebody who’s watched many types of “isekai” and RPG-themed shows, Konosuba’s take on this genre was an absolute joy to watch and had me laughing throughout both seasons. I can only hope we receive more content in the future. 

1) The Rising of the Shield Hero

Anime Adapted from Light Novels - The Rising of the Shield Hero

Huh. I’m noticing a pattern in my three choices… 

Nevertheless, The Rising of the Shield Hero is well-known and beloved by many for very good reason. It starts off simple enough, telling the average story of twenty-year old Naofumi who likes to frequent bookshops and libraries.

However, one fateful day, he picks up an incredibly old looking novel which ends up transporting Naofumi to a completely new realm alongside three other young men from alternate versions of Naofumi’s own world. We soon get an idea of how this mysterious realm works and how corrupt it truly is from the darkest depths.

With loveable members of the main cast, beautiful animation and many awesome action sequences, you can see why this series is so beloved worldwide. If you haven’t already checked this show out, it’s one I’d always definitely recommend.



Know any others that should be included?

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See you next time.

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