5 Manga Titles that are BETTER than their Anime Counterparts

5 Manga Titles That Are Better Than Their Anime Counterparts

Before we begin I just want to make it known that this is not me hating on any of these five shows at all. Some of these titles I genuinely still enjoy watching/reading to this day, so please remember that we all have different opinions.

With that being said, let’s go!

5) Deadman Wonderland

5 Manga Titles That Are Better Than Their Anime Counterparts - Deadman Wonderland

I was introduced to this show when it was still airing back in 2011 and found it to be a lot of fun to return to on a weekly basis. However, when I checked out a bunch of forums back in the day, I was surprised to find out that there were a NUMBER of characters from the manga that weren’t even shown in the anime, something that surprised me greatly.

Unfortunately, the anime itself didn’t do too well during its airing and that cost every chance of a potential next season to be made due to the manga still being written and illustrated during that time. I personally found the pacing of the show to be one of its biggest weaknesses as they tried to cram in a lot of information within a small amount of episodes which made it feel incredibly rushed. 

If you gave the anime a go and found that it was a series that you could get behind, don’t hesitate to go and check out the manga as there’s a lot more that the anime put aside. 

4) Shaman King

5 Manga Titles That Are Better Than Their Anime Counterparts - Shaman King

As much as I adored the anime of Shaman King, I cannot deny the fact that the manga is greatly superior to it in many ways. From the pasts of certain characters, to story elements that aren’t touched upon as much in the show, you can understand why a lot of hardcore fans of this franchise always recommend reading the manga and its spinoff, Flowers

If you’re a fan of supernatural action that was written with absolute care, then definitely check out Shaman King. I grew up watching the heavily-censored version of the anime and although I consider it a very nostalgic piece of media, I’m eagerly awaiting it’s 2021 remake which is just around the corner.

Be sure to give it a go!


3) Tokyo Mew Mew

5 Manga Titles That Are Better Than Their Anime Counterparts  - Tokyo Mew Mew

Now this title in particular takes me back!

While the anime follows the manga concept, there are a few differences that are fun to compare. One example would be that the first handful of episodes from the anime adaption focus on the main lead who discovers her powers and then sets off on a mission to find the other four members of her team. However, in the manga, all five magical girls meet unexpectedly during the main lead’s date with her crush and then events lead up to them all reuniting once more as the manga continues.

Another difference that I personally found to be rather interesting and better in the manga than the anime is the chances that all five characters get to use the “ultimate” power-up tool in contrast to the anime where only one girl out of the five get to use it. 

Where the anime ended with only five of the magical girls together, the manga has a continuation that introduces even more future teammates along with new obstacles to overcome. So if you’re a fan of the magical girl genre, animals or cutesy scenes, then you’re sure to love this manga!

2) Fullmetal Alchemist

5 Manga Titles That Are Better Than Their Anime Counterparts - Fullmetal Alchemist

Now, I am completely aware of Brotherhood being a thing, but you’d honestly be surprised how many people often tend to compare the original manga to the 2003 release of FMA

Due to the manga still being written and illustrated at that time, FMA 2003 created it’s own anime-original plot and ending which then wrapped up with a movie that is non-canon to the actual story. 

Despite Brotherhood being the accurate portrayal of Hiromu Arakawa’s work, the 2003 version honestly does hold a special place in my heart as it was a show I watched during the early days of me getting into new genres. 

When I completed the old series, I was definitely left a little saddened as back then I was new to watching anime so I’d never really given manga a chance. However, once I discovered that FMA was still an ongoing manga series, I immediately took to local book stores and internet forums to keep following this incredible story. 

Regardless of whether you’ve watched both series or not, if you haven’t picked up a copy of this manga title, please be sure to do so whenever you get the chance. 

1) Naruto

5 Manga Titles That Are Better Than Their Anime Counterparts - Naruto

Without going overboard with the many reasons that I truly believe the manga is far superior compared to the anime adaptation, I’ll try my best to keep it short and sweet;

Let me be clear, I usually don’t have an issue with filler episodes or arcs, however, when it takes up a massive chunk of the actual show then it starts to get a little ridiculous. While the anime itself does indeed follow the original manga with the storyline, the character growth and overall development, I’ve always preferred reading over watching. 

The animation for the show chops and changes a lot, especially during filler episodes and arcs and as a view, I often found it jarring at the inconsistency of art direction. This includes scenes with the wrong proportions, incorrect backgrounds and even the characters facial expressions, something that I found hard to ignore. 

Regardless of my personal feelings, I can’t deny the fact that the anime does indeed have a beautiful soundtrack and amazing talent voicing each of the characters. However, the Naruto franchise will always be the number one title that makes me reach for my nearest copy of manga each time.



Now we’ve reached the end of the list, I truly hope you enjoyed reading through my top choices! 

To share your own opinions or views on what you think belongs on this list, please don’t hesitate to comment below and tell us!

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If you know anybody who’d be into this kind of read, please share with your friends. 

See you next time.

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