Our Top 7 My Hero Academia Villains

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There is nothing more satisfying than watching a series of any kind where the villain or villains in question are characters that you enjoy or just love to hate. I’m personally a massive fan of villainous characters so decided to list my personal top baddies of My Hero Academia.

Quick word of warning: This article will be talking about recent events from the manga plus characters that are yet to be introduced into the anime, so proceed with caution.

If you’re good with reading on then let’s jump straight in! 

7) Kurogiri

Our Top 7 My Hero Academia Villains - Kurogiri
References: Kohei Horikoshi/Weekly Shonen Jump/Studio Bones

Recently revealed to be the thought-to-be dead friend of Pro Heroes Eraserhead and Present Mic, Oboro Shirakumo, known by his villain alias as Kurogiri wields an extremely rare warping Quirk. He plays a massive role in the raising of Tomura Shigaraki, the successor of All for One and is shown as the villains’ go-to way to travel around to different areas to terrorise the public.

Despite his relaxed attitude and politeness, he does have a twisted side to him. This is shown during the Unforeseen Simulation Joint Arc (Season 1) where he had no issues with sending a group of teenagers plummeting towards masses of villains who were ordered to kill them on sight. Unlike his ward, Kurogiri is shown to be a lot more calm and patient when dealing with tough situations and is quick to shield allies when they need him. 

I personally find Kurogiri’s overall past very intriguing and hope to find out more about him as the show progresses.

6) Re-Destro

Our Top 7 My Hero Academia Villains - Re-Destro
References: Kohei Horikoshi/Weekly Shonen Jump

Born as Rikiya Yotsubashi and a firm believer of his father’s past ideals based on the freedom for every human on the planet to have free reign to use their Quirks, believing greatly that everybody in the world should honour the powers they were born with. However, despite his façade to outside faces, Rikiya has shown to be very arrogant and sadistic where he even is willing to kill and/or maim people to get what he wants.

Like some of the other characters on this list, he plays the role of the main antagonist during the Meta Liberation Army Arc, a part of the series that has yet to be released to the anime. However, with the upcoming Season 5 around the corner in 2021, I reckon we’ll be seeing him and his allies sooner than you think!


5) Doctor Kyuudai Garaki / Daruma Ujiko

Our Top 7 My Hero Academia Villains - Daruma Ujiko
References: Kohei Horikoshi/Weekly Shonen Jump/Studio Bones

Known under several aliases, a caring medical “professional” he is not. Much like Re-Destro, Doctor Ujiko hasn’t been seen much in the anime but currently in the manga he has been in the limelight for a while. Without giving too much away for fans who are only up to date with the anime, I’ll just say that while he is loyal to his leader and cares about his research, the method of how he’s connected to the Nomu creatures is something truly twisted.  

With the theories floating around and Horikoshi’s teasing on the situation, this man may have involved his own grandchild in his gruesome experiments. If you go back and watch Season 2 where they’re in Hosu, take note of the Winged Nomu and see if you can pinpoint where you may have seen a Quirk like that in the past…

4) Hero-Killer Stain / Chizome Akaguro

Our Top 7 My Hero Academia Villains - Stain
References: Kohei Horikoshi/Weekly Shonen Jump/Studio Bones

Once a student who aspired to become a hero only to later turn vigilantism, Chizome Akaguro, known to the public as Hero-Killer Stain, has left quite a mark on the hero society as a whole.

Stain doesn’t hesitate to target anybody that he views as a “false hero” and will even attempt to kill high-school students who show similar attitudes when it comes to their hero work. This is displayed during the Hosu Arc where Tenya Iida comes close to losing his life after foolishly chasing after the killer to seek vengeance.

The great thing about Stain’s character is that the views are drawn into his ideals and the same can be said for the characters in the show. There are a number of civilians and villains alike who look to Stain as their inspiration for a better society in general. Even the main protagonist, Deku, is shown to understand the killer’s goal even if he’s against the method of accomplishing it greatly. 

3) Overhaul / Kai Chisaki

Our Top 7 My Hero Academia Villains - Overhaul
References: Kohei Horikoshi/Weekly Shonen Jump/Studio Bones

When it comes to this character, I often find myself thinking of the word “hypocrite” whenever watching him preach on screen. Overhaul, known to his closest allies as Kai Chisaki, is the head of a yakuza gang and has a personality akin to an absolute psychopath.

He first appears to Deku and Lemillion, two heroes-in-training who almost fall victim to his deadly power after Midoriya’s spidey sense gives him a bad feeling that the little girl being accompanied by him may need their help. While he’s notorious for his cruelty and the fact he cares so little about the fact he’s hurting an innocent girl, you wouldn’t be surprised that this guy is despised amongst the heroes and other villains alike.

Regardless, he does live up to his villainous title extremely well as a sadistic lunatic who tries to justify his insidious past deeds for the need of a better world to live in. He is definitely a character, myself included, that many fans love to hate.

2) All for One

Our Top 7 My Hero Academia Villains - One For All
References: Kohei Horikoshi/Weekly Shonen Jump/Studio Bones

Confirmed to be at least a century-old and wielding an ability that allows him to steal any Quirk he wishes, All for One is one interesting yet frightening villain. During the early days of Quirks appearing, All for One gained a mass following and eventually grew in power as he could take away and grant people power if they so desired. Speaking of the ability to steal Quirks, he is shown to have many stored up within his body and feels little remorse about taking “necessary” and “interesting” ones from their previous owners.

He is known to be extremely possessive and is a skilled manipulator, from the past when he tried to keep control over his younger brother who tried to oppose him all the way into the present where he began raising Tomura Shigaraki as his chosen successor.

The reason we’ve ranked him lower is due to the fact there’s still that aura of morbid mystery surrounding him. We only know snippets of information about his past and the feud between both brothers that is still taking place in the present times of the story. 

1) Tomura Shigaraki / Tenko Shimura

Our Top 7 My Hero Academia Villains - Shigaraki
References: Kohei Horikoshi/Weekly Shonen Jump/Studio Bones

With all the previous entries, in terms of personality and behaviour, Tomura Shigaraki’s character does a complete flip. At first, he starts off as a petulant young man who throws tantrums when things don’t go his way, such as when All Might and the other Pro Heroes stop his attack back at the USJ.

However as time goes on, when we hit Season 3, Shigaraki finally begins to understand what he needs to do in order to fulfil his dream to destroy the hero society. We watch him grow as the story progresses from a manchild into a maturing young man who genuinely cares about the aspirations of his fellow underlings.

Even currently in the manga, we get to SEE him in action and the sacrifices he’s making for his teammates and even though they’re, you know…the BAD GUYS, you kind of end up rooting for them to succeed.

When I first watched the original first season of My Hero Academia, I honestly enjoyed Tomura’s character greatly and have continued to enjoy watching him grow into the Symbol that he is aiming to become. 



Now we’ve reached the end of the list, I truly hope you enjoyed reading through my top choices! 

To share your own opinions or views on who YOU think are the best villains, please don’t hesitate to comment below and tell us!

If you know anybody who’d be into this kind of read, please share with your friends. 

See you next time!


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