The 3 Must-Read Manhwa to Start Before 2021

3 Manhwa To Read In 2021 - Featured Image
3 Manhwa To Start Before 2021 – Tower of God, HIVE, Solo Leveling

In today’s post, I will cover 3 of the must-read manhwa which you should definitely pick up and take into the new year with you. So today, I will be covering Tower of God, HIVE and Solo Leveling

I have chosen these three manhwas due to the sheer immersive feeling they provide, making you want to continue onto the next chapter until you are fully up to date! As of writing this post, HIVE has been completed, but both Tower of God and Solo Leveling are still currently on-going. Whether it’s still being translated from RAW to English or is simply just currently under development, there are plenty of chapters left in them for the foreseeable future. 

Just a quick heads up! Only Solo Leveling is based on a light novel and the link for the novel can be found at the end of its post below.

I will do my best to describe each manhwa as best as possible while avoiding giving away any spoilers. So kick back, relax and enjoy the article!


1) Tower of God

Twenty-Fifth Baam - Tower of God Cover
Twenty-Fifth Baam – Tower of God Cover

This is a personal favourite of mine and I am going to have to try and keep this one short and sweet because I fear that I might spoil things by rambling on about how awesome this manhwa really is! 

Before the Tower of God became mainstream due to the newly released Tower of God Anime (Crunchyroll Original). It was solely publicised and read on Webtoon by over 1.8 Million subscribers and SIU really did an outstanding job at making the reader feel immersed. The character development is outstanding and each member of the cast is uniquely coupled with a mysterious storyline to follow.

Overall the art progresses to be better and better as SIU develops his own style and the storyline continues to have interesting twists and turns. An honest answer would be that the first season of this manhwa is an introduction to all of the characters, concepts and key storyline features. This manhwa really starts to kick off at the start of season two, which begins from chapter 81 on Webtoon.

The storyline follows the protagonist, a mysterious boy called “Twenty-Fifth Baam” (this has two different meanings; 1) Night, 2) Chestnut) and he is chasing after a girl named Rachel who is running through a mysterious dark tunnel toward an entrance ahead. When they both fall to the ground, Rachel starts to disappear into a light while telling Baam to forget everything about her. Desperately not wanting this, he is suddenly surrounded by another flash of bright light and awakens in a mysterious new place… Suddenly a character emerges from the depths of the shadows and exclaims he hasn’t had a visitor that has “opened the gate by himself” in a long time. He then proceeds to welcome Baam and introduces himself as Headon where he then asks for Baams name, to which Baam complies. After spending some time with Headon’s light-hearted joking about Baam’s name “sounding tasty”, he then decides to nickname the boy “Bam” instead. 

If you wish to find out more about this manhwa then definitely be sure to check it out on Webtoon and catch up for SIU’s future updates!

Currently, at the time of writing this, there are a total of 485 chapters available to read over on Webtoon. 

Written by Slave In Utero (SIU)
Published on June 30th, 2010
Webtoon: Tower of God Webtoon


The Old Man and Eun-Sung Lee - HIVE Cover
The Old Man and Eun-Sung Lee – HIVE Cover

Next on the list is HIVE, this is a Korean manhwa series created by Kim Kyusam and it is not your typical invasion story. The overall gist of the plot is that a species of gigantic mutated bees are attempting to take over the human race by reversing the order of the natural food chain. Our protagonist is named Lee Sung and he is a middle-manager at a large company and the only thing on his mind is to find and save his family from this apocalypse they find themselves in. 

This is not your typical invasion story. Gigantic oxygen-doped bees are attempting to dominate the human race by reversing the food chain. You follow the story of Lee Sung, a young man who has only one thing on his mind: saving his family from the bug-apocalypse.

This is another one of my favourites and I found myself being encapsulated by the information and storyline that revolved around this manhwa. After the initial attack, the story really begins to take off while more new and unique characters are gradually introduced at a great pace. 

Being a completed manhwa means that you won’t have to wait for any updates, which is perfect for those trying to binge read a new exciting series. However, be warned; although there is an ending for this manhwa, you may be left a little disappointed, but you’ll have to read from start to finish to find out why!

Overall, HIVE is a hidden gem and I am surprised that it hasn’t been recommended a lot more than it is. In all honesty, I actually stumbled across it by mistake, however, what a great mistake it turned out to be due to me spending an entire week binge-reading nonstop. I truthfully couldn’t stop coming back for more. 

The series does have several instalments, The Dog Man and The Dead Queen which are both Naver-only. However, if this instalment was this good, I have no doubts that both The Dog Man and The Dead Queen would be on the same level.

Written by Kim Kyusam
Published on January 20th, 2014

3) Solo Leveling

Sung Jin-Woo - Solo Leveling Cover
Sung Jin-Woo – Solo Leveling Cover

Probably just as known as Tower of God, Solo Leveling is a masterpiece in a class of its own. I have read a lot of similar manhwa and this one is currently in 1st place of the top 3. It is unique, the art is stunning to view and the storyline, just like the two above – is immersive! Where it lacks in chapters, the reason for this is due to the steady release schedule per week. 

The story begins with an introduction to our protagonist, who is – well just about to die. It then follows onto the opening of the manhwa and properly introduces Sung Jin-Woo, the main protagonist. He is walking casually through the South Korean city Seoul and he gives us a little introduction to himself.

Sung is considered one of the weakest hunters and states it’s even embarrassing to call himself a hunter. A few other characters are then introduced, they greet each other and make the generic casual conversion you would expect introductory characters to make, they then venture out into the newly introduced portal “gate”.

Skip forwards and we are at the beginning of the chapter, our protagonist is near death and as he is about to die something happens. I cannot say much more as I wouldn’t want to spoil things, but if you haven’t already started Solo Leveling… then now is the time to start it!

Written by Chu-Gong
Published on April 13th, 2018
Light Novel: Webnovel Link



So you’ve made it this far down the article, I hope this means you’ve enjoyed the read and now have some new manhwa to read/follow!

Drop a comment below if you’ve read any of these before and please share your thoughts! If you’ve left this article to start one of the three, then be sure to return soon and tell us your thoughts!

If you’ve enjoyed this article be sure to share it with all of your friends!

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