Top 13 Anime Music Artists and Groups to Start Following in 2021

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This is a list of hand-picked anime music artists and music groups. They are some of the best ones in the industry and if you don’t follow them yet, then you should!

Below is the list of the top 13 anime music artists and music groups that you should follow!

Use the TOC below to skip to a specific artist or group!

1. LiSA

LiSA is an amazing artist and is well known for her songs featured in Sword Art Online. These are crossing field, ADAMAS and unlasting. She also has a very popular Demon Slayer OP called, Gurenge (紅蓮華, Red Lotus).

2. Stray Kids

Stray Kids is a K-Pop group who has recently become popular amongst the anime community due to their amazing OP (TOP) and ED (SLUMP) for Tower of God. I really hope when/if season two is released that they get the chance to make new a new OP and ED for it!

3. UVERworld

This next group is called UVERworld and they are amongst the popular groups which have had a lot of their songs featured in some god tier anime!

Good examples of this being Touch Off (The Promised Neverland), Odd Future (My Hero Academia) and Core Pride (Blue Exorcist).


If you are a lover of Naurto then FLOW is no doubt already in your playlist. If it’s not then what are you waiting for! Get it added!

FLOW are better known for their numerous Naruto OPs but they also have some awesome OPs for Dragon Ball Z (HERO) and their Seven Deadly Sins (7-seven-) collaboration with GRANRODEO.


GRANRODEO is an amazing band with a lot of skills. They specialise in making anime soundtracks and some of their best ones are; Trash Candy, Deadly Drive and Setsuna no Ai which are all Bungo Stray Dogs OPs. They also make the BAKI OP, Beastful.


KANA-BOON are best known for their OP song, Silhouette in Naruto Shippuden. Which is closely followed by their song Driver which is featured as the OP in Boruto: Naruto the Movie. Their most recent feature is Starmaker, which is the OP for Season 4 of My Hero Academia.


After the airing of The Rising of The Shield Hero, MADKID became popular for their OPs RISE and FAITH. Hopefully, when the next season is out they will be able to snap up another OP for it!

8. TK from Ling Tosite Sigure

TK is most famous for his two OPs from Tokyo Ghoul (Unravel and Katharsis).

9. Hello Sleepwalkers

This group is best known for its Noragami OP Goya No Machiawase.

10. Vicheblanka

Growing in popularity with its OP 3 (Black Rover) and OP 11 (Black Catcher) featured in Black Clover. Hopefully, Vicheblanka will be given more chances to make some more awesome Black Clover OPs!

11. The Oral Cigarettes

Their most popular OP is Kyouran Hey Kids!! which is featured in the popular anime show Noragami.


This group has grown popular through their amazing Haikyuu OPs, FLY HIGH!! and Good Morning World!

13. Seiko Oomori

Seiko Oomori has grown through her amazing Black Clover OP 7, JUSTadICE.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of the top 13 anime music artists and groups to follow! I hope I have helped you find some new artists/groups to follow or helped you find out the name or artist of the song you couldn’t remember!

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Drop a comment below with your favourite anime music artists or groups!

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