Top 21 Hand-Picked Quotes From The Haikyuu!! Anime That Fans Will Love!

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Haikyuu is a popular sports-related anime revolving around the world of Volleyball. We found it to be highly motivating and just an overall great series to follow and watch. Therefore, we have decided to make a list of our top 21 favourite quotes from the Haikyuu!! series! We hope you enjoy these, let us know if you feel any others should be on the list!

Quotes from the following characters;

  • Asahi Azumane
  • Daichi Sawamura
  • Ikkei Ukai
  • Ittetsu Takeda
  • Kenjiro Shirabu
  • Koshi Sugawara
  • Shoyo Hinata
  • Tadashi Yamaguchi
  • Tanaka Seako
  • Tobio Kageyama
  • Wakatoshi Ushijima
  • Yu Nishinoya

1. The future belongs to those who believe

Always believe in your abilities and in your dreams! Never give up!

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 1

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

– Shoyo Hinata

2. My greatest weapon

You can get away with anything if you don’t get caught.

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 2

“My greatest weapon is not getting caught!”

– Shoyo Hinata

3. Being the best decoy

If it works and is useful, it ain’t stupid!

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 3

“Being the best decoy ever is as cool as being the ace.”

– Tobio Kageyama

4. It’ll mean we never changed

Always push your limits and boundaries. Get out of your comfort zone whenever you can!

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 4

“Even if we go for what’s somewhat safe here, it’ll mean we never changed.”

– Koshi Sugawara

5. With my life

Always have your team’s back! No matter what.

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 5

“I’d guard your backs with my life If I had to.”

– Yu Nishinoya

6. I can’t do fancy plays

There will always be something you can do, even when it’s not what people want.

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 6

“I can’t do any fancy plays, but I can give you guys a solid foundation.”

– Daichi Sawamura

7. We must never tell ourselves that

Never tell yourself you don’t stand a chance, because when you do that. Your chances of winning reach 0%.

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 7

“Even if we’re not confident that we’ll win, even if others tell us we don’t stand a chance, we must never tell ourselves that.”

– Daichi Sawamura

8. He who climbs

Similar to the phrase “learn to walk before you run”. Very important to know that big things all started from nothing.

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 8

“He who climbs the ladder must begin at the bottom.”

– Ittetsu Takeda

9. Motivation?

Motivation, pride… we’ll take the lot!

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 9

“Motivation? What more do you need than pride!”

– Tadashi Yamaguchi

10. There’s no match that you can’t win

An important quote this. There is never a guarantee.

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 10

“There’s no match that you can’t win, and there’s no match that you’ll win for sure.”

– Ikkei Ukai

11. You can fly even higher

*Burnout Syndromes: FLY HIGH!! intensifies*.

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 11

“You can fly even higher.”

– Tobio Kageyama

12. It’s not your place to give up

In a team game, if you give up – it can cost everything!

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 12

“It’s not your place to give up.”

– Yu Nishinoya

13. When you have a brilliant ace

When you have someone good on your team, it’s often the opponents who would focus on them… making them the perfect decoy.

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 13

“When you have a brilliant ace, their very existence is a brilliant decoy.”

– Kenjiro Shirabu

14. If you don’t challenge yourself

Always challenge yourself!

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 14

“Life’s a bore if you don’t challenge yourself.”

– Yu Nishinoya

15. That’s the ace

The ace can do it all.

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 15

“To strike past all obstacles… That’s the ace.”

– Asahi Azumane

16. Room to grow

If you think of yourself as weak, you’ll never be able to surpass and grow strong!

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 16

“Being weak means that there is room to grow.”

– Ittetsu Takeda

17. A defense with no holes doesn’t exist

There’s no such thing as a defence without holes.

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 17

“A defense with no holes does not exist.”

– Wakatoshi Ushijima

18. But now we can fight

Always fight when you have the chance!

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 18

“But now we can fight. Even if they read us or catch up to us, we can fight.”

– Shoyo Hinata

19. You should know better than anyone

The moment you lose your cool, you start making bad decisions!

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 19

“You should know better than anyone that you’ve failed the moment you lose your cool.”

– Daichi Sawamura

20. I have to keep moving forward

Always keep moving forward!

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 20

“I have to keep moving forward. I have to keep going!”

– Shoyo Hinata

21. When you take detours

If you don’t change your life up a bit, you may miss chances and opportunities you were unaware of!

anime nomi haikyuu quotes 21

“There are some flowers you only see when you take detours.”

– Tanaka Saeko



We are finally at the end! Well done for making it this far, let us know which quotes were your favourite and whether you have seen Haikyuu!! before!

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