Top 13 Hand-Picked Xiao Yan Quotes From Battle Through The Heavens Manhua!

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I’ve been wanting to do a top quotes post for Battle Through The Heavens for a long time now. And finally, I have managed to get around to doing it! I am trying to change things up with quotes from graphic novels as opposed to anime. I really hope you enjoy these as much as I did finding and compiling them! If you have any suggestions for other graphic novels from which I can get quotes from then please comment down below!

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Xiao Yan Quotes

1. Are you playing with me?

I love Xiao Yan so much, he’s just an all-around awesome protagonist and I am glad that I picked this graphic novel up!

xiao yan manhwa quotes 1

“Are you playing with me? Why don’t you play a little harsher, huh?”

– Xiao Yan

2. Release the girl immediately

If anyone knows about demands, it’s Xiao Yan. RELEASE HER IMMEDIATELY.

xiao yan manhwa quotes 2


– Xiao Yan

3. Threatened in public by a sword, how interesting

Even at the point where Xiao Yan was going to be killed, he could still keep his face and stand up for himself.

xiao yan manhwa quotes 3

“Laughed at by my own family, insulted by my own fiance, and threatened in public by a sword, how interesting!”

– Xiao Yan

4. A man may be killed

This is a true quote, you may be killed but you can never be humiliated!

xiao yan manhwa quotes 4

“A man may be killed, but never humiliated!”

– Xiao Yan

5. All will be favoured eventually

I think Xiao Yan’s take on the wheel of fortune is fairly accurate, which is why I’ve picked it for this list!

xiao yan manhwa quotes 5

“As the wheel of fortune never rests, all will be favored eventually! Never laugh at a young man down on his luck!”

– Xiao Yan

6. Do you want it or not

So do you want it?

xiao yan manhwa quotes 6

“Hey, do you want it or not? Silly girl!”

– Xiao Yan

7. Dude

Imagine someone older than you trying to challenge you to a fight… and you whoop his ass!

xiao yan manhwa quotes 7

“Dude, you’re turning 21 this year, and how old am I? 15! You want to have a duel with a kid? Aren’t you a bit ashamed of what you’re asking?”

– Xiao Yan

8. Only strength will never be humiliated

In a land where strength is key, those who possess it will never be humiliated.

xiao yan manhwa quotes 8

“You have the guts, but in this Dou Land, only those with strength will never be humiliated.”

– Xiao Yan

9. What I can’t stand the most

Xiao Yan understands that the strong should never bully the weak.

xiao yan manhwa quotes 9

“What I can’t stand the most is that the strong bully the weak!”

– Xiao Yan

10. Damn it

When magical beasts who have been dead for centuries still try to fight you! *Skyrim theme intensifies*

xiao yan manhwa quotes 10

“Damn it! Even though you have been dead for so long, you still play with the living!”

– Xiao Yan

11. You and I have the same misfortune

Just the everyday normal saviour, Xiao Yan knows how to talk to the ladies.

xiao yan manhwa quotes 11

“I am only a mercenary lost in this mortal world. You and I have the same misfortune, so there is no need for you to give your heart to repay me.”

– Xiao Yan

12. Can’t we discuss this calmly?

When you do something wrong accidentally and everyone dislikes it. *Fallout: Everyone disliked this*

xiao yan manhwa quotes 12

“I didn’t do it on purpose! Can’t we discuss this calmly?”

– Xiao Yan

13. What else can I say?

I do find Xiao Yan funny, the way he slyly speaks to his elders is just brilliant. He always gets his way.

xiao yan manhwa quotes 13

“A talented young alchemist will be killed, just because of the effective pills he’s created. What else can I say?”

– Xiao Yan



I am really happy with the outcome and think I’ve got some really good Xiao Yan quotes! If you can think of any others feel free to add them down in the comments below!

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