15 Awesome Meliodas Quotes From Seven Deadly Sins That Fans Are Bound To Love!

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Well well well, it’s time for some more awesome quotes – this time from Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins! He is one of our favourite characters and we’ve decided to dedicate a post specific to his quotes! Let us know what you think in the comments down below and whether you feel we’ve missed anything!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Seven Deadly Sins official trailer from Netflix below!

Meliodas Quotes

1. Just a size check

Sate Sate Sate!

anime nomi meliodas quotes 1

“Oh, don’t worry! I just need to conduct a size check.”

– Meliodas

2. I’ll come running

He will always be there for you!

anime nomi meliodas quotes 2

“It’s fine, if something happens I’ll come running!”

– Meliodas

3. That’s what a knight stands for

That’s what a knight stands for.

anime nomi meliodas quotes 3

“No matter how much you bleed and even if your tears run dry, you stick to it. That’s what a knight stands for.”

– Meliodas

4. You can’t fool your own heart

A very true quote from Meliodas

anime nomi meliodas quotes 4

“No matter what lies you tell, you can’t fool your own heart.”

– Meliodas

5. I am more powerful

The magic words are the key to feeling more powerful than the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins!

anime nomi meliodas quotes 5

“Whenever you feel like you can’t win and there’s nobody around to lean on, just say these magic words. Sure, I am more powerful than any of the other Seven Deadly Sins!”

– Meliodas

6. Everyone has to die someday

Everyone dies eventually… however, they will last in the memories of others for a long time after.

anime nomi meliodas quotes 6

“Everyone has to die someday. But what they believed in will never fade away as long as someone protects it.”

– Meliodas

7. Good quality booze

No they don’t!

anime nomi meliodas quotes 7

“Anyone who doesn’t appreciate good quality booze, doesn’t deserve to drink it.”

– Meliodas

8. That’s what it means to be a knight

That’s what it means to be a knight!

anime nomi meliodas quotes 8

“Once you’ve resolved to take on those principles, no matter how much blood and tears you shed, you follow through with it! That’s what it means to be a knight.”

– Meliodas

9. Just being a good buddy

Always be a good buddy to your friends!

anime nomi meliodas quotes 9

“Gil risked his life for the girl he loved, so putting my life on the line is just me being a good buddy.”

– Meliodas

10. I wanted to protect everything

Sometimes you cannot protect everything… but you have to keep trying your hardest no matter what!

anime nomi meliodas quotes 10

“I wanted to protect everything. But I failed, and that’s the sin I bare. So this time, I can’t fail to protect them!”

– Meliodas

11. That guy’s amazing!

Sate Sate Sate.

anime nomi meliodas quotes 11

“That guy’s amazing! Everything he says is sexual!”

– Meliodas

12. I’ll put an end to it once and for all

It’s now or never!

anime nomi meliodas quotes 12

“For the sake of all the people who always fought at my side. This war that has been raging on for past 3000 years. I’ll put an end to it once and for all.”

– Meliodas

13. Even if you were to die

Always keep your promises.

anime nomi meliodas quotes 13

“Even if you were to die, I’d make sure to keep the promise I made to you.”

– Meliodas

14. Hurry up and kill me!


anime nomi meliodas quotes 14

“Hurry up and kill me. So the one you love will come back to life.”

– Meliodas

15. Can’t you tell?

It seems not Meliodas… it seems not.

anime nomi meliodas quotes 15

“Can’t you tell when your elder is trying to be nice?”

– Meliodas



Well, here we are – at the end of the quotes. We hope that you’ve enjoyed these quotes as much as we enjoyed putting them together! Let us know what you think in the comments down below!

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