The 11 Greatest Hand-Picked Raphtalia Quotes That Fans Will Love!

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We recently posted our article on The 21 Greatest Hand-Picked Naofumi Iwatani Quotes That Fans Will Love! So we’ve decided to take this opportunity to post our favourite Raphtalia quotes.

She is our favourite for a reason and we are about to show you why:

Raphtalia Quotes

1. I am your sword.

We love you Raphtalia.

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“Even if the whole world speaks ill of you, I’ll tell them they’re wrong. I’ll tell them again and again that you’re a wonderful person. You’re the one who saved my life, gave me a sword, and showed me my purpose in life. I am your sword.

– Raphtalia

2. I need you.

You will NEVER be a burden, Raphtalia.

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“I mean sure I’m still an unreliable kid who cries at the drop of a hat. I may even be a burden. But please let me stand by your side. I need you Naofumi.”

– Raphtalia

3. I can’t imagine a world without you.

He’d never leave you, Raphtalia.

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“Naofumi… You won’t leave me, right? I can’t imagine a world without you.”

– Raphtalia

4. Please don’t leave me alone.

I just want to hug her SO much right now…

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“Naofumi. Don’t ever die. Please don’t leave me alone.”

– Raphtalia

5. I trust you.

I love her bond with Naofumi. It’s just so wholesome.

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“Even if you can’t trust anyone anymore, I trust you.”

– Raphtalia

6. I am your sword!

I love their bond SO MUCH.

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“Naofumi… Well, I just want to say… I’m truly grateful I met you. You cured my illness and fed me warm meals. You taught me how to live. And you gave me a reason to fight… A reason to fight the waves. I am your sword! Where you go, I will go with you.”

– Raphtalia

7. I’ll have your head!

She protects!

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“Did you do this knowing Naofumi was here?! Depending on your answer, I’ll have your head!”

– Raphtalia

8. None may disrespect him in my presence.


anime nomi raphtalia quotes 8

“I am Naofumi’s sword. None may disrespect him in my presence.”

– Raphtalia

9. What kind of knight…


anime nomi raphtalia quotes 9

“What kind of knight neglects the people he’s meant to defend?”

– Raphtalia

10. I want to be clingy with him too!

She’s such a sweetheart!

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“I’m happy that we’re staying in a hot springs inn, but Filo’s being too clingy with Naofumi. I want to be clingy with him too!”

– Raphtalia

11. Why won’t you fight?

Tell them how it is, girl!

anime nomi raphtalia quotes 11

“What the hell are you people standing around for? Naofumi is fighting in our place! You have the power, so why won’t you fight? How can you call yourselves the world’s heroes like that?”

– Raphtalia


A sweet, strong yet loving girl, Raphtalia will forever be our favourite from this incredible show.

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Let me know if you have any favourite quotes from Raphtalia in the comments below! Be sure to share this with your friends and make them aware of our posts!

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