Black Butler (검은 집사) Manga Review

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Black Butler, also known as Kuroshitsuji, is a mystery supernatural fantasy series created by author Yana Toboso. It is set in the historical time of the Victorian Era in England and really captures the style well.

What Black Butler (검은 집사) Is About

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Author(s): Yana Toboso
Artist(s): Yana Toboso
Known As: Black Butler, Kuroshitsuji, El Mayordomo Negro, Fekete komornyik, Kara Kahya, Piru Hovimestariksi, Темный дворецкий, خادم سیاه, 黒執事, 검은 집사
Official Translation(s): English, Japanese
MangaDex: Title Index
Status: On-going
Genres: Historical, Action, Psychological, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, Tragedy

A Small Synopsis

Ciel Phantomhive makes a pact with a demon to become his butler in return for Ciel’s soul at the end of their contract.

Where to read Black Butler (검은 집사)

This manga is available to purchase from popular sites such as Amazon, however, it is also available as an unofficial fan translation that can be found on scanlation sites such as MangaDex and MangaNelo.


What Is Good About Black Butler (검은 집사)

The Story

Combined with the appealing cast of characters and the world the author builds, I believe this quite a strong point to start with! I love the fact that it’s set in Victorian England, the artwork is absolutely stunning to look at with each page.

The Comedy

Oh Sebastian, you adorable cat-loving dork. We don’t deserve you.

Props to Ciel’s mysterious air about him, as well as the other staff at the Phantomhive Mansion. Even though this is more of a darker, gloomier story (mostly due to the era it’s set in) it really has some pretty amazing comedic scenes. I especially love Finian the loyal gardener and Mey-Rin the clutzy housemaid.

What Is Bad About Black Butler (검은 집사)

The Pacing

Wow. So.

I actually got into Black Butler back around 2012/2013 while I was still at school. While reading through, I noticed an… Issue that I had. I was actually REALLY surprised when I took to forums to see if any other readers had an issue with how a lot of the plot was poorly paced. Not to mention that the art sometimes had a slightly inconsistent style to it, where in a few panels the art would be extremely detailed and then immediately switch to a simplistic-er style.

Overall Conclusion

If you like gothic-style stories with a variety of genres that involve a loveable demon and a likeable cast, check out the first Volume of Black Butler and see what you think!

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Let me know if you have read Black Butler or are thinking of picking it up in the comments below! Be sure to share this with your friends and make them aware of this awesome manga.


anime nomi black butler cover image
Black Butler (검은 집사)
Art style
The positive
The Story
The Comedy
The negative
The Pacing
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