Blue Exorcist (青のエクソシスト) Manga Review

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Blue Exorcist or Ao no Exorcist as it’s also know as, is a supernatural action manga created by author Kazue Kato. It tells the story of a teenage boy named Rin Okumura who has always struggled to fit in with everybody else in life. He soon discovers this is because he was born as a half-demon and must hide this fact from his classmates when he attends a school to become an exorcist.

With his new goal set in sight, Rin vows to defeat his father so that humanity can finally be safe from the demonic entities that threaten them.

What Blue Exorcist (青のエクソシスト) Is About

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Author(s): Kazue Kato
Artist(s): Kazue Kato
Known As: Blue Exorcist, Ao no Exorcist, Ao no Futsumashi, Blue Exorcist, Lam Hỏa Diệt Quỷ, Modrý Exorcista, The Blue Exorcist, Синий Экзорцист, جنگیر آبی, เอ็กซอร์ซิสต์พันธุ์ปิศาจ, 蓝色的除魔师, 藍色的除魔師, 青のエクソシスト, 青の祓魔師, 청의엑소시스트
Official Translation(s): Japanese
MangaDex: Title Index
Status: On-going
Genres: Action, Romance, Comedy, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

A Small Synopsis

Rin Okumura has always struggled to fit in. When it’s revealed that he and his twin brother Yukio are the children of Satan, his world is thrown upside down and he vows to become an exorcist to defeat his biological father.

Where to read Blue Exorcist (青のエクソシスト)

This manga is officially available in RAW and can be found on Shonen Jump. Any unofficial fan translated English version can be found on scanlation sites such as MangaDex and MangaNelo.


What Is Good About Blue Exorcist (青のエクソシスト)

The Art and World-Building

The art and story of this manga is absolutely stunning. The world that it’s set in is extremely interesting and I really like the fact that our world is basically like a mirror to the demon world, that’s a really cool idea!

Father Fujimoto

There is only one word I can describe for this character: selfless. He took on the responsibility to raise the twin children of Satan himself, caring for them and loving them like a father to his own children. We were all sad when you had to leave us, Father.

What Is Bad About Blue Exorcist (青のエクソシスト)

The Characters

Oh boy.

So, there’s a big reveal that happens a bit later on in the manga involving our main protagonist Rin. This reveal causes ALL of his friends to avoid him and resent him, despite having no control over the situation. At this point in the manga, I was already miffed with Yukio’s constant flip-flopping behaviour but after his classmates revealed their shallowness? I felt like throwing my table rage-quit style.

Thank the heavens for Izumo. Even though she’s not many people’s favourite, she’s actually my all-time favourite female character from this series. Do not get me started on Shiemi, we will be here ALL night.

Overall Conclusion

As somebody who collects the manga volumes of Blue Exorcist, I definitely recommend this title to anybody who’s a fan of action with supernatural elements involving the occult.

Think I missed something? Tell me in the comments below!

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anime nomi blue exorcist cover image
Blue Exorcist (青のエクソシスト)
Art style
The positive
The Art and World-Building
Father Fujimoto
The negative
The Characters
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