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A review of Moshi Fanren which is also known as The Last Human and Mortals of the Doom. It is an action-horror created by author Amazing Works and gives the reader an immersion into a zombie apocalypse. It is enjoyable to read and has an amazing storyline to follow. A must-read If you like both zombies and action.

If you like both zombies and action, then Moshi Fanren is the manhua for you! All throughout this manhua we are met with bigger zombies and strong enemy evolvers. Evolvers are humans that have been infected who have managed to adapt to the virus and have developed special abilities.

Throughout this manhua, I was excited about the development and events which occurred. Especially as things happened which even our main protagonist was unaware of. This really gave the storyline a more unique feeling.

At the time of writing this review the Moshi Fanren manhua is on chapter 283 (English/Meraki Scans) and Chapter 300 (Chinese/AC.QQ), the story is more than likely to continue for quite some time, so expect weekly releases for a while.

What Moshi Fanren (The Last Human) Is About

Moshi Fanren (The Last Human) Cover - Chapter 1

Author: Amazing Works
Known As: 末世凡人, Mortals of the Doom, Moshi Fanren, The Last Human
Light Novel: Yes
Status: On-going
Genres: Action, Adult, Adventure, Horror, Manhua, Shounen, Supernatural

A Small Synopsis

The story follows our main protagonist Zuo Tian Chen. He is the last human in a post-apocalyptic mutated zombie-infested city in the year 2028. As he was going to die during his last stand against his zombie-foes. He finds that he has returned to before the disaster which took place 10 years before, in 2018.


Overview of Chapter One

When Chapter One begins, we are presented with a rundown city in the year 2028, 10 years since the end of the world – stuck without bullets and nowhere to run, we see our protagonist, Zuo Tian Chen saying his goodbyes to his beloved past lovers photograph – when all of a sudden something grabs his shoulder, it’s a zombie! A Zombie who’s head is swiftly sent into another universe by Zuo Tian Chen utilising his empty AK-47 as a bat to fend off the creatures. The scene pans out and we can see Zuo Tian Chen is actually taking refuge atop a few old cars which are piled on top of each other and he is completely surrounded by thousands of mutated zombies who are trying to get him. The next panel shows a black background with speech bubbles calling his name and when he comes to he realises, he is back in school before the disaster and his teacher is very angry and he tells him to stand for the remainder of the lesson. 

Zuo Tian Chen then goes to the toilets where he freshens up and tries to piece everything together – he is startled by a black figure in the mirror and he drastically brakes the mirror with his bare fist and turns around to kill the supposed “infected” who has tried to attack him. He quickly realises that this isn’t one of the infected and is actually his high-school best friend, Gao Fei. His friend bandages up his wounded hand while they talk and Zao Tian Chen remembers past memories of him, he confirms Gao Fei died shortly after the outbreak and that he won’t let that happen again this time around. 

During their conversation, Gao Fei asks if Zuo Tian Chen really confessed to another classmate, and he then remembers what happened in his previous life, not because of the reaction but because shortly after 2 pm, the initial disaster happened. As they were continuing their conversation, the classmate Zuo Tian Chen confessed to earlier that day approaches them with the letter of confession and begins to run down our stressed protagonist, who needless to say, just stands up, snatches the letter and shuts her down in front of everyone. It is then revealed that it was because of her that a lot of people died, Gao Fei included.

What Is Good About Moshi Fanren (The Last Human)

I cannot deny it, there are a lot of things that Moshi Fanren has which makes me get excited when I see a new chapter come out. Overall, I would have to say what really sells this manhua to me is the fact that the storyline is so good as there aren’t a lot of times where I have felt the storyline has not made sense or has dragged on for too much during specific arcs.

The main protagonist is awesome and he is someone who cares for his dear friends, acquaintances and fellow companions. He is someone who will not be afraid to put his life on the line for the good of those who have helped him and he is not afraid to stand up to those who oppose his way of thinking.

Overall, the art style is very good and the colours used really set the scenes for most of the moments, I don’t think there has been a chapter which has made me disappointed visually.

Another reason why I like this manhua is that all the way throughout it you will find amazing humour from all of the characters. Sometimes the translation has been a bit vague but has been done in a way which the translation does make you laugh as well.

What Is Bad About Moshi Fanren (The Last Human)

Unfortunately, I do have two complaints about this manhua, although not major and not anything that breaks it, I just find them a little bit annoying. The first thing is translations, they can vary and unfortunately, sometimes different names are used for things and the consistency makes it a little hard to follow, however, the art makes up for this and fixes all doubt of what the translation meant. The second thing is the shortness of each chapter, I think this manhua would benefit through longer chapters as it mostly ends on a cliffhanger which is problematic when you are getting really sucked in and have reached the most current chapter, only to be left waiting to find out what will happen to your favourite protagonists!


Overall Conclusion

Overall, I feel that if you haven’t read Moshi Fanren then you should definitely add it to your list and give it a go. With this being said, keep in mind that you could be up to date within a week or two by reading a few hours a night and then you would have to wait for the weekly release, which can sometimes take forever if it left on a cliffhanger.

It has to be said again, but the characters are amazing, the storyline is amazing and so is the humour and witty banter amongst the characters.

Let me know if you have read Moshi Fanren or are thinking of picking it up in the comments below! Be sure to share this with your friends and make them aware of this awesome manhua.

Moshi Fanren (The Last Human) Review Cover - Chapter 1
Moshi Fanren (The Last Human)
Art Style
The positive
Charismatic protagonists
Jokes and humour
Light novel
The negative
Translations can vary
Chapters are too short
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