The Beginning After The End (끝이 아닌 시작) Manhwa Review

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A review of The Beginning After The End which is also known as Kkeut-i Anin Sijag. It is a high-fantasy manhwa created by author TurtleMe and artist Fuyuki23. It gives the reader an immersion into an amazingly crafted fantasy isekai story. It is enjoyable to read and has an amazing storyline to follow. A must-read If you like fantasy and adventure.

This high-fantasy manhwa features the main protagonist, King Grey, who dies in his past life and goes from being a highly respected king to a young baby boy (Arthur Leywin), who happens to be born in a magical era filled with adventure and fantasy.

As Arthur grows up, he uses his knowledge from his past life to grow stronger and better the lives of those around him. He aims to accomplish major feats and to help the kingdom of Sapin succeed.

This manhwa is available in English, along with other official translations (linked below). The Official English version can be found here on

For those interested, here is the official trailer from Tapas Media for the manhwa!

What Is The Beginning After The End About (끝이 아닌 시작)

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Author(s): TurtleMe
Artist(s): Fuyuki23
Known As: The Beginning After The End, O Começo Após o Final, O Começo Depois do Fim, TBATE, kkeut-i anin sijag, 岁开始做王者 最強の王様、, 二度目の人生は何をする?, 끝이 아닌 시작
Fandom Page: TBATE Fandom Page
Official Translation: English, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Thai, French
Official Discord: TBATE Discord
Light Novel: Yes, TBATE Novel
Status: On-going
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Isekai, Tragedy

A Small Synopsis

King Grey an amazingly capable fighter with lots of strength and wealth passes away and is then reincarnated into a brand new world as Arthur Leywin. This new world is filled with amazing magic, mysterious secrets and terrifying blood-thirsty monsters. Grey is allowed a second chance to relive his life anew as Arthur Leywin giving him the invaluable chance to correct the mistakes of his past and to once again become a very highly respected individual in his new life in the continent of Dicathen.


What Is Good About The Beginning After The End (끝이 아닌 시작)

Like many, I find The Beginning After The End a very exciting and exhilarating manhwa to follow. It is filled with tonnes of awesome characters, stories and secrets.


The storyline is just simply amazing. I cannot emphasise just how brilliant this manhwa is in words. The story is well-paced, it intertwines really well with the amazing characters. It has a very unique view on magic and is, in my opinion, a very brilliant isekai-based manhwa.

Art Style

The art style is very unique and I can’t help but state that the colour palettes which were used by Fuyuki23 are absolutely brilliant. The colours really bring the magic aspects to life and the character portrayal is amazing!


The characters are simply amazing! They are very unique and their personalities are perfect for their character designs. You can almost imagine what they would be like in real life. I also have to say, there are times when you look at the character designs and just know that a character will be nothing but trouble!

Long Chapters

The manhwa features some very nice long chapters with incredibly detailed art (as mentioned above, the art is amazing!) – I have to admit this is something which I always look for in a manhwa as there is nothing worse than having short chapters and always being stuck waiting for the next release! (looking at you Moshi Fanren).

Light Novel

The manhwa is based on the original light novels by TurtleMe and honestly, I cannot wait to see the newest chapters as they get released!

I have included the official link to buy the light novels from Amazon below!

What Is Bad About The Beginning After The End (끝이 아닌 시작)


There is genuinely nothing that I could think of which is bad about The Beginning After The End. I will admit, in some chapters, the characters have developed long feet, but, it’s an easy mistake to make and could just be the angle they are facing.

Overall Conclusion

My overall conclusion is that if you haven’t already – go and pick up The Beginning After The End as soon as possible! It is an amazing read and honestly – you won’t be disappointed. It has a lot of cool things, including dragons and who doesn’t like dragons! I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this review and will be picking up The Beginning After The End as a new manhwa to follow.

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Let me know if you have read The Beginning After The End or are thinking of picking it up in the comments below! Be sure to share this with your friends and make them aware of this awesome manhwa.


anime nomi the beginning after the end cover
The Beginning After The End (끝이 아닌 시작)
Art Style
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Art Style
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