The 3 Must-Read Manhua That You Should Start Reading This Year

The Must Read Manhua To Start This Year - Featured Image

I will be covering 3 of the must-read manhua, which you should definitely pick up and follow this year. 

I will be covering; Tales of Demons and Gods (ToDaG), Battle Through The Heavens (BTTH) and its Prequel (BTTHP). 

The reason I have picked these three manhua is simple. They are impressive and boast amazing storylines and sheer immersive-ness.

As of writing this post, ToDaG, BTTH and BTTHP are still all currently on-going. It’s safe to say that there are plenty of chapters left in them for the foreseeable future. Each manhua is based on a light novel, so those are also available for those who are interested.

I will do my best to describe each manhua as best as possible while avoiding giving away any spoilers. So kick back, relax and enjoy the article!

Use the TOC below to skip to a specific manhua!

1. Tales of Demons and Gods

The Must Read Manhua To Start This Year - ToDaG

I have been following Tales of Demons and Gods quite closely ever since I found the manhua back in 2019. 

I was originally looking for something which could rival Solo Leveling. I was reading it at the time and I was looking for a beautiful manhua which had a unique art style, story and characters.

After looking around and testing the water,  ToDaG caught my attention. It was magnificent! A brilliant art style coupled with awesome characters and storyline.

It does have its flaws, like how sometimes the translation can be a little bit misleading. But this happens when there are no official RAW to English translations. Common mistakes were the misspelling of the protagonists’ name for the first 80 chapters…

The things I like about ToDaG is that the characters, storyline and art style are just unique. They give off some Naruto vibes, but besides this, you can really tell there was a lot of effort put in by the author.

I have recommended this manhua to a few friends already and they have been following it closely too. We often discuss new chapters and the things we like and don’t like.

The things that I don’t like are how repetitive it can get and how the translations can be misleading at times. But aside from those two things, everything is perfect and you should definitely check it out!

A small synopsis of ToDaG. Our protagonist wakes up and regains consciousness inside of his classroom. It is followed by some informative flashbacks and it kicks off from there. Very, very interesting stuff ahead past chapter 1 so no spoilers, go check it out!

Written by Mad Snail

Check out my review of Tales of Demons and Goes!

2. Battle Through The Heavens

The Must Read Manhua To Start This Year - BTTH

Battle Through The Heavens is basically quite similar to a lot of other manhua out there. But this one is unique in its own way and can be admired for things like its art style and original story.

This is a good manhua, it originated from the light novel which was also made by the same author, Tian Can Tu Dou.

I have to say there are quite a few things that I do like and quite a few things that I don’t like about this manhua. Primarily the things that I do like are the story, the art style and the progression of the characters.

What I don’t like is how repetitive the story can get due to the nature of the villains/bad guys. But it does have a nice flow and I think the author has done an amazing job at retaining the attention of the audience. 

A small synopsis of BTTH. It’s about a young boy who had a lot of power for his age, was admired by all for being a genius and was seen as someone who could one day lead the clan. All of a sudden out of nowhere he loses the power he has.

I find this manhua amazing and the author has put a lot of his time into creating a manhua-verse where all of his other works are interlinked with one another.

If you want to find out more then be sure to check out the Battle Through The Heavens Review I did recently.

Written by Tian Can Tu Dou

3. Battle Through The Heavens – The Prequel

The Must Read Manhua To Start This Year - BTTHP

What can be said about Battle Through The Heavens – The Prequel manhua? Well just like the original Battle Through The Heavens, this prequel is amazing! There is no other way to word just how awesome these characters really are! 

The prequel follows the past of a major character from BTTH. So I cannot give any more information on it without spoiling things. But expect there to be just as awesome stuff going on throughout the entire thing.

What I liked about the prequel were the storyline, the art style and the foundation storyline. It really shows how much effort the protagonist endured to get to where he was in the BTTH. I find it can really get you motivated!

The things I didn’t like were the translations. For some reason, the translations of BTTH and the prequel were done by different fans. So things tend to get lost in translation and can make you get confused easily. Especially if you’ve first started off with the original. 

A synopsis is of BTTHP. Basically, the protagonist is a very weak boy from a very weak family in the overall clan. The circumstances are that he needs to work twice as hard if not more than everyone else and he really has to focus on things which others would find easy. Overall the other clan families just shun him and his family out of the entire clan. 

They don’t want anything to do with him nor with his family and they are always giving him doubt and never try to help him in any way possible. But… that is all that I can say because from near the end of chapter 1 the story kicks in and unfortunately there will be spoilers if I continue. So, be sure to go check it out!

Written by Tian Can Tu Dou


So you’ve made it this far down the article, I hope this means you’ve enjoyed the read and now have some new manhua to read/follow!

Drop a comment below if you’ve read any of these before and please share your thoughts! If you’ve left this article to start one of the three, then be sure to return soon and tell us your thoughts!

Leave a comment if you think there is anything else which I could cover or maybe if you want me to review your favourite manga, manhua, manhwa or anime.

If you’ve enjoyed this article be sure to share it with all of your friends!

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