15 Hand-Picked Ajin: Demi-Human Quotes From The Anime


This one goes out to all the Ajin: Demi-Human fans out there! Those who have watched Ajin: Demi-Human before will know that it’s packed with some pretty decent quotes from a handful of the characters.

These are our 15 hand-picked Ajin: Demi-Human quotes from the anime!

Below are quotes from the following characters;

  • Kaito
  • Kei Nagai
  • Sato
  • Yu Tosaki

14. Always acting all high and mighty

The sun… it’s very selfish!


“I don’t like it. The sun. It’s so selfish… always acting all high and mighty and looking down on us.”

– Kaito

13. You’re human

Regardless of what you become or identify – you will always be a human.


“You’re human. At least that’s what I think. So if you’re going to some place where you don’t know anyone but me…then you are just a human.”

– Kaito

12. I always hate…

Sometimes, it takes that certain someone… to make you realise.


“Yeah. I know right? I always hate… just how much of an idiot I am.”

– Kaito

11. Your body will crumble

If you let your heart guide you, your body will be bound to crumble.


“Let your heart guide you and your body will crumble.”

– Kei Nagai

10. No matter when or where…

This quote couldn’t be truer… regardless of when or where. People will always die as a result of poverty or conflict.


“No matter when or where… people die as a result of poverty or conflict.”

– Kei Nagai

9. Personal feelings just complicate matters

Personal feelings will never not complicate matters. You can’t rely on them to turn your siuation around!


“Personal feelings just complicate matters. You can’t rely on them to turn your situation around.”

– Kei Nagai

8. People destroy themselves

Emotions will end up destroying you as a person, especially if you get carried away.


“I’ve known that people destroy themselves when they get carried away with their emotions.”

– Kei Nagai

7. It’s important to be aware of what you can and can’t do

It’s important to be aware of what you can and can’t do. This applies to whether it’s related to fighting or not.


“It’s important to be aware of what you can and can’t do. Whether it’s related to fighting or not.”

– Kei Nagai

6. Keep your cards hidden

Never reveal your cards. If you do that then you lose your winning hand.


“A winning hand is only good when you keep your cards hidden.”

– Kei Nagai

5. Let the games begin

Sato loves games… especially difficult ones involving violence!


“Now, let the games begin.”

– Sato

4. This will be the best show

Sato is a simple man, he wants something and he will get it. He is possibly one of the best strategists as well.


“If you have a 100 lives in a video game… you come back a 100 times. But all video games have cheats.”

– Sato

3. It’s showtime

When Sato says “it’s showtime”… it really is showtime.


“It’s showtime.”

– Sato

2. The higher the difficulty… the more fun it gets

Always replay games at a harder difficulty… Because the harder it gets the more fun it is.


“When I play games, I always play on hard mode. Because, the higher the difficulty… the more fun it gets.”

– Sato

1. Fight! For your own sake!

Always fight for your own sake.


“Fight! For your own sake!”

– Yu Tosaki


Overall, regardless of whether you like CGI or not, you should give Ajin a try. It’s available on Netflix and after the first few episodes, the CGI is barely noticeable.

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Make sure to share this with your friends who love anime!

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