11 of The Best Hand-Picked Rin Okumura Quotes From The Blue Exorcist Anime


An action-packed, supernatural series that made me begin to collect the manga volumes, Blue Exorcist is definitely a personal favourite. 

At the centre of this show is the main protagonist, Rin Okumura, the loud, protective teenager who is thrown into a completely unknown world that he never knew existed. With Rin’s endearing personality and kind nature, we knew there’d be a nice collection of quotes that we’d fall in love with. 

Rin Okumura Quotes

11. I’m the same – let’s be friends

A moment shared with one of my favourite kitties in anime; Kuro the Familiar!


You loved my dad a lot, didn’t you? That’s why you were sad. I’m the same – let’s be friends.”

– Rin Okumura

10. I’ll use my power for kindness!

Like this quote a lot, as Rin’s character is very much; what you see, is what you get.


“I’m no good at lying or tricking people. So I’ll use my power for kindness!”

– Rin Okumura

9. Don’t you understand how the people left behind feel?

Ow. My heart.


“Don’t you understand how the people left behind feel?”

– Rin Okumura

8. Your past shouldn’t stop you

Love this one!


“Your past shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals and dreams.”

– Rin Okumura

7. You trusted me. So I’ll trust you too

It certainly does, who wouldn’t want to be friends with you, Rin?


You trusted me. So I’ll trust you too. That’s what being friends means…Doesn’t it?”

– Rin Okumura

6. For the time being

That’s right, stay positive!


“For the time being, all an idiot like me can do is to keep moving forward.”

– Rin Okumura

5. You can bad mouth me as much as you want!

Although you know my personal opinion on Yukio, I honestly do love how protective and loyal Rin is to his brother.


“You can bad mouth me as much as you want! But don’t make fun of my brother!”

– Rin Okumara

4. All I can do now is to empty my head and dash forward

Rin’s character in a nutshell.


“I’m not smart enough to figure out answers no matter how much time I spend thinking. All I can do now is to empty my head and dash forward.”

– Rin Okumura

3. Are you satisfied now?

I adore this moment in the series. It shows how much love Rin had towards his adoptive-father.


“I don’t care what you say or what you think. My father is Shiro Fujimoto and no-one else!”

– Rin Okumura

2. Are you satisfied now?

And fight you shall!


“Are you satisfied now? If this still isn’t enough for you, I’ll fight you as many times as you want.”

– Rin Okumura

1. I’m not your weapon, demon king, or saviour!

My hands down favourite quote from Rin!


“I’m not your weapon, demon king, or saviour! I’m Rin Okumura! And when I’m done, I’m going to be the best exorcist you ever laid your eyes on!”

– Rin Okumura


Here we are once again, as always if you’ve enjoyed this list or think any other quotes should be included please leave a comment and tell us! 

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Thanks for reading!

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