An Uncomfortable Truth (アナザー・シークレット) Manhwa Review


A review of An Uncomfortable Truth which is also known as “Another Secret: Inconvenient Truth”. This manhwa is very different to ones that I have read in the past and it was one that really pulled me in for more. The story is excellent and the ending has a nice resolve. An all-around brilliant manhwa for those after a dark drama-mystery.

The manhwa is created and drawn by author EErun. There are both Raw and English translated chapters available at Lezhin, and the status of this manhwa is completed, so there will be no new chapters.

What An Uncomfortable Truth Is About


Author: EErun
Artist(s): EErun
Known As:  Another Secret, Another Secret: Inconvenient Truth, Bulpyeonhan Jinsil, Uma Verdade Incômoda, Una Verdad Incómoda, Неудобная правда, アナザー・シークレット, 불편한 진실
Light Novel: No
Status: Completed
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Psychological, tragedy, School Life

A Small Synopsis

A high school student kills 8 citizens and shocks society. He had kept quiet during initial interrogations, he began giving his statement. The more truth that is revealed the more anxiety is caused.

What starts off as an innocent manhwa soon turns south and becomes a psychological drama, filled with a lot of different real-life scenarios. It is bound to leave you in shock!


What Is Good About An Uncomfortable Truth

As someone who has never read anything like this, I have to admit that I seriously enjoyed it. It was one of the most unique manhwa which I had picked up to date.

I really liked the progression of the storyline, and how the characters developed throughout. The longer you read, the more was revealed and the worse the situation became!

The characters are very unique in their own ways and there was some serious thought put behind them. The way each character behaved was believable and it was constant.

Throughout the manhwa the art style remained visually pleasing and the colour palette really set the mood.

Throughout the entire manhwa there was an ever brewing suspense which led to a perfect story resolve.

What Is Bad About An Uncomfortable Truth

I think there possibly could have been more to this story, and that it felt like it was cut short. But overall it was enough to cover all bases. So aside from this bad point, there really isn’t anything else I can say.

Overall Conclusion

With the good and bad out of the way, that brings us to our conclusion. Overall I would suggest this manhwa to anyone after a good anxious filled psychological read. Just be prepared for quite the emotional journey!

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Let me know if you have read An Uncomfortable Truth or are thinking of picking it up in the comments below! Be sure to share this with your friends and make them aware of this awesome manhwa.


An Uncomfortable Truth (アナザー・シークレット)
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Art style
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