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In todays review we are going to go over MangaDex and answer some of the most asked questions regarding the scanlation website. Be sure to check out the Table of Contents if you wish to view which questions are being answered, you can also skip directly to them if you prefer.

So before we begin, I will say now that I use MangaDex a lot for referencing my graphic novel reviews (manga, manhwa, manhua and webtoons). I have found that the information the MangaDex team have of the hosted content is pretty accurate and it saves me a lot of time when making reviews. In the past, I have used it for reading graphic novels unavailable through official sites as well and I’ve found it’s been perfect and easy to use in the browser.

What MangaDex Is And Why It Exists

Essentially, MangaDex is made by scanlators for scanlators. It’s a place where people can see ad-free graphic novel content and not have to worry about viruses etc. The sole purpose of MangaDex is to spread love and enabling access for anyone who wants to read. There are no scanlations of printed translations allowed and the content hosted is fan-translated.

Additionally, MangaDex also offers excellent information on graphic novels and even goes as far as to include links to popular websites such as MAL (My Anime List) and the official places the graphic novel exists, such as Webtoons, Naver, and Kakao etc.


Common Questions About MangaDex

Why is everyone using MangaDex?

According to my research, a scanlation site called Batoto was once the thing everyone used, however, after facing difficulties maintaining the server it seemed like the original founder, Grumpy, decided to shut down the site and sell the domain. This in return made an opening for the next site to do something similar, and from there the MangaDex creators stepped in and made a nice functional alternative. They apparently also managed to preserve a good chunk of the original Batoto database. They offer no ads and the content is as ethical as scanlation gets, no scans of printed translations.

Is MangaDex safe without any ads or potential malware and viruses?

This question often props up as most scanlation sites, such as MangaRock and MangaNelo tend to offer graphic novels with the addition of ads, and unfortunately in some instances, they redirect the user to another page which can sometimes have potential malware and viruses. However, MangaDex offers no-ads out of the box and keeps things ad-free for all users, whether they have an account or not.

Be aware that there are many clones of this website as people try to abuse the fact MangaDex also offers an API that gives access to essentially all of their database content related to the graphic novels. So when you are looking for the official MangaDex you will be able to find it via the .org or .com domains. Another way to know if it’s official is that there will be no ads anywhere on the website, if you see an ad then you have the wrong site.

What kind of content does MangaDex have to offer?

MangaDex offers fan translations of popular graphic novels (manga, manhwa, manhua and webtoons), examples of this are as follows;

Does MangaDex have an app?

Currently MangaDex doesn’t have any official app, however, there is one in the works according to one of the MD Staff (u/Hologfxx) on Reddit.


What Is Good About MangaDex

No Ads

As mentioned numerous times above, there are no ads on MangaDex. I think this is brilliant and adds onto the foundation of it being a reputable and community led website. It means users can enjoy their experience without being interrupted by numerous ads asking them to solve puzzles or telling them that their future waifu is in the area.

Fan Translations

MangaDex is solely focused on providing fan-translations only and does not allow direct scans of official translations. This is important as it means that MangaDex cares about the creators by not allowing any official translated work on their website.

Made With Good Web Technologies

Being an IT enthusiast I often like to snoop at websites I enjoy browsing and finding out what technology they are using. I can see from my snoop of MangaDex that they are using the latest web technologies in their brand new site, this means there is better security and that its easily managed by the team. This is more than likely done to communicate with their API better.

What Is Bad About MangaDex

No App

Annoyingly there is no app available for MangaDex, however, there is a glimmer of hope that eventually one day there will be an app available.

Overall Conclusion

Overall MangaDex is an awesome manga reader scanlation site and offers what most sites cannot offer, ad-free community content. If you are after a good place to read content from then MangaDex is the site for you!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve used MangaDex before and what your experiences were!


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MangaDex (
The positive
No Ads
Fan Translations
Made With Good Web Technology
The negative
No App
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