Tower Of God (Kami no Tou / 신의 탑) Webtoon Review

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A review of Tower Of God which is also known as Kami no Tou. It is a action-fantasy created and illustrated by author SIU (Slave In Utero), it follows a mysterious boy named Baam all the way throughout his journey through a mysterious tower. It is one of the most popular webtoons and its even got its own anime adaptation in partnership with Crunchyroll. If you like action-fantasy graphic novels and haven’t read Tower Of God then you need to pick it up right now!

I have to say that overall you are bound to be hooked to this webtoon as soon as you begin reading it, it just makes you want more and more!

What Tower Of God (Kami no Tou / 신의 탑) Is About

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Author(s): SIU (Slave In Utero)
Artist(s): SIU (Slave In Utero)
Known As: Dievo Bokštas, Guds Torn, Isten Tornya, Kami no Tou, Menara Dewa, Sin-ui Tab, Sinui Tap, Tanrının Kulesi, Toi La Ai, Torre de Deus, Torre de Dios, Turm Gottes, Turnul lui Dumnezeu, Wieża Boga, Башня Бога, برج, برج الإله, 神の塔, 神之塔, 신의 탑
Fandom Page: Home
Official Translation(s): English, Korean
Official Discord: No
Light Novel: No
MangaDex: Title Index
Status: On-going
Genres: Action, Psychological, Comedy, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

A Small Synopsis

A mysterious boy named Baam is found by a girl named Rachel, she befriends him and essentially gives him reason to chase the stars. Rachel decides one day she wants to go inside a mysterious tower, she leaves and tells Baam not to run after her… without hesitation he chases after her and they both end up inside the Tower of God.

Where to read Tower Of God (Kami no Tou / 신의 탑)

This webtoon is available in both RAW and English versions. The RAW can be found on the official Naver website and the English translated version can be found on Webtoons. Additionally, unofficial both English and Korean versions can be found on scanlation sites such as MangaDex and MangaNelo along with various other translations.


What Is Good About Tower Of God (Kami no Tou / 신의 탑)


This storyline is definitely one of a kind. I cannot believe just how good this storyline actually is! While sometimes it does get a little carried away in favour of Baam… it certainly keeps you on edge and waiting for the newest chapter! I enjoy the character developments and the small references to certain things from other webtoons and sources – it really makes it unique.

Art Style

While the art style did start off a little choppy in the beginning, you can really see how SIU has developed his style and he does an amazing job of keeping the webtoon interesting. From amazing character designs to awesome fight scenes – if you are after a hidden gem then this is the webtoon for you!


I have a lot of favourite characters… and I have a lot of hated characters. With this said I think SIU has made each character very unique and given them enough development to either be liked or hated. I don’t want to spoil anything so this is all I am going to say for characters, but… keep reading and you will be in for a treat!

What Is Bad About Tower Of God (Kami no Tou / 신의 탑)


Honestly, SIU has done an outstanding job and aside from a certain character… I don’t think this webtoon has anything bad about it! If you have read or watched the anime, you’ll know what I mean.

Overall Conclusion

Overall… if you haven’t read or picked this webtoon up then I don’t understand what you’re waiting for! Get out there and support SIU on Webtoons, Naver and Crunchyroll! You won’t be disappointed!

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Let me know if you have read Tower Of God (Kami no Tou / 신의 탑) or are thinking of picking it up in the comments below! Be sure to share this with your friends and make them aware of this awesome webtoon.


anime nomi tower of god cover
Tower Of God (Kami no To / 신의 탑)
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Art Style
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