My Wife Is A Fox Spirit (我的老婆是妲己) Manhua Review

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A review of My Wife Is A Fox Spirit which also goes by the name My Wife Is Da Ji. It is a romance-comedy manhua created by author You ma Manhua and illustrated by artist Yang Con. This manhua is pretty funny overall and kind of reminds me of something like Konosuba, it revolves around two protagonists and has an interesting storyline which is introduced properly a few chapters in. Overall I would recommend it to anyone who is after something fun to read.

What My Wife Is A Fox Spirit (我的老婆是妲己) Is About

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Author(s): You ma Manhua
Artist(s): Yang Con
Known As: My Wife Is A Fox Spirit, My Wife Is Da Ji, 我的老婆是妲己
Official Translation(s): Chinese
MangaDex: Title Index
Status: On-going
Genres: Romance, Comedy

A Small Synopsis

A fox spirit is saved by a young boy… only to end up returning the favour in the future by saving him and also becoming his wife.

Where to read My Wife Is A Fox Spirit (我的老婆是妲己)

This manhua is officially available in RAW on the Bilibili website and the English unofficial translated version can be found on scanlation sites such as MangaDex and MangaNelo along with various other translations.


What Is Good About My Wife Is A Fox Spirit (我的老婆是妲己)

Fun Characters

The two protagonist characters in this manhua are loads of fun and honestly, I feel most people could relate to them, there are chapters that make you say “oh boy” and chapters that make you laugh out loud due to the sheer stupidity of some of the things that get said or done. I do like this, despite not liking harem based manhua.

Art Style

The art style is absolutely stunning and some of the panels are downright meme-worthy content, I cannot wait to read more!

What Is Bad About My Wife Is A Fox Spirit (我的老婆是妲己)

Harem Vibes

I dislike harem style graphic novels, and while I did enjoy this one, I will put this here for anyone else who doesn’t like harem trope novels.

Overall Conclusion

Overall? Yeah, it’s pretty funny and the art is amazing, I feel that reading through this, the storyline will only become better and better. I’d recommend it to anyone after something fun and different to read.

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Let me know if you have read My Wife Is A Fox Spirit or are thinking of picking it up in the comments below! Be sure to share this with your friends and make them aware of this awesome manhua.


anime nomi my wife is a fox spirit cover image
My Wife Is A Fox Spirit (我的老婆是妲己)
Art style
The positive
Fun characters
Art style
The negative
Harem vibes
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