FFF-Class Trashero (FFF급관심용사) Manhwa Review

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A review of FFF-Class Trashero which is a comedy-adventure isakei. Created by author 파르나르 and gives the reader an immersion into a comedy isekai, similar to Konosuba – but darker and an evil sense of humour. It is enjoyable to read and has an amazing storyline to follow. A must-read If you like comedy and adventure.

The manhwa Is about a young boy who was summoned from the human world into a fantasy world to fight the evil demon king. It’s revealed that after putting up with them for so long, our protagonist killed his own party. He killed them because they were a hindrance to him and did nothing but annoy him. Even though he defeated the demon king he still failed his quest and was forced to start over.

Throughout this manhwa, we join our amazing protagonist Kang Han Soo. And see him make decisions… probably not the best decisions, but decisions nonetheless.

This manhwa is available in both RAW and English versions. The RAW can be found on Kakao and the translated English version can be found on Copin Comics

What Is FFF-Class Trashero About

FFF-Class Trashero Cover - Chapter 1

Author(s): 파르나르
Artist(s): 깡무
Known As: FFF-Class Trashero, FFF급관심용사
Fandom Page: FFF-Class Trashero Fandom
Official Translation: Korean, English
Official Discord: N/A
Light Novel: Yes
Status: On-going
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Isekai

A Small Synopsis

Schoolboy Kang Han Soo is summoned to a fantasy kingdom and is forced to help defeat the demon king. He is promised to be sent back to earth once this is done. 10 long years later he kills his fellow party members and defeats the demon king. Unfortunately for him, he had to pass with flying colours otherwise he had to re-start over again.


What Is Good About FFF-Class Trashero

A unique look on the isekai genre

What I love about FFF-Class Trashero is the unique portrayal of the isekai genre. I cannot recall coming across any manga, manhwa or manhua which have this kind of uniqueness. It really makes me laugh at the idea that the hero is such an antagonist.

Cartoon-like art style

FFF-Class Trashero has a uniquely incredible art style. The cartoon-like feel gives it that extra bit that makes this manhwa pop. The artist has truly outdone themselves with the way they have portrayed the characters and the magical world.

It has a light novel

A light novel exists so if you ever wanted to look further into the story. This means you can get ahead while waiting for the manhwa adaptation chapter releases!

Full of brilliant jokes and humour

I like the way the author was able to form dark humour and jokes in a way that anyone can laugh and not feel bad. It’s brilliant and should be done in more manga, manhwa and manhua in the future.

What Is Bad About FFF-Class Trashero

Slow chapter translations

The translations are a little slow on this, but if you have other manhwa you are reading, it shouldn’t be noticable.

Overall Conclusion

I like the idea and principle of this unique isekai based manhwa, especially where the protagonist turns out to be the antagonist. I feel that you should definitely check it out and give it a go. I believe once you start – you’ll have a hard time stopping! 

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Let me know if you have read FFF-Class Trashero or are thinking of picking it up in the comments below! Be sure to share this with your friends and make them aware of this awesome manhwa.


FFF-Class Trashero Review Cover - Chapter 1
FFF-Class Trashero (FFF급관심용사)
Art Style
The positive
A unique look on the isekai genre
Cartoon-like art style
It has a light novel
Full of brilliant jokes and humour
The negative
Slow chapter translations
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