The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower (튜토리얼 탑의 고인물) Webtoon Review

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A review of The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower which is also known as The Tutorial Tower’s Advanced Player and A Stunt At The Tutorial Tower. It is an action fantasy created by author Bangguseok Gimssi, adapted by Juyeong Hwang, and illustrated by artist Omagam. This webtoon really gives off Solo Leveling vibes and honestly, it’s just outragously funny. A must read for those in search of a comedy version of Solo Leveling.

The webtoon follows protagonist Hyeonu Kim on his journey within a mysterious tower which appeared when monsters also began appearing. However, upon clearing it, he did not get to leave. 12 years of clearing the tower (over 1,300 times) he finally manages to get out. What he does next… you won’t believe!

At first I thought this may just be a generic webtoon where the art style saves it, but honestly…I couldn’t have been more wrong and I quickly found myself reading all of it in one sitting! It’s unique in its own way and I think the protagonist is just awesome.

What The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower Is About

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Author(s): Bangguseok Gimssi, Juyeong Hwang
Artist(s): Omagam
Known As: The Tutorial Tower’s Advanced Player, L’expert de la Tour Tutoriel, Pemain Level Tinggi Menara Tutorial, Pentolan Menara Tutorial, The Master Of Tutorial Tower, Tutorial Tabui Goinmul, Опытный игрок Учебной Башни, برجِ تمرینیِ بازیکنِ پیشرفته, チュートリアル塔の廃人, 被塔诅咒的猎人, 튜토리얼 탑의 고인물
Fandom Page: Home
Official Translation(s): English, Korean
Official Discord: No
Light Novel: No
MangaDex: Title Index
Status: On-going
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

A Small Synopsis

Mysterious things happen all across the world. Monsters and dungeons appear and a weird tower mysteriously spawns. The tower summons random people who have to beat the tower. If they beat the tower they become hunters and some of the most powerful beings on earth.

Where to read The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower

This webtoon is available in both RAW and English versions. The RAW can be found on the official Naver website and the English translated version can be found on Webtoons. Additionally, unofficial both English and Korean versions can be found on scanlation sites such as MangaDex and MangaNelo along with various other translations.


What Is Good About The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower


The storyline is pretty awesome and as mentioned above it gives off some Solo Leveling vibes. I really like the idea and premise of what the protagonist goes through and future events which happen (redacted due to spoilers). I cannot wait to read more of the story!

Art Style

Omagam has done an outstanding job with this webtoon and I really hope to see even more awesome art in the future! I really like the epic fight scenes and just the awesome jokey vibes the art gives off when the main character messes around.


Hyeonu Kim along with many other characters are just brilliant. I ultimately love Hyeonu Kim for just how laidback and crazy he is, really awesome character designs and by far the funniest group I have come across in a long time!

Fight Scenes

The fight scenes can be jokey but also super serious. I cannot wait for the future chapters ahead!

What Is Bad About The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower


To be fair, there is nothing I have to say about this webtoon that is negative. It’s just awesome!

Overall Conclusion

Overall, if you haven’t already you should definitely pick this one up and give it a read! You won’t regret it!

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Let me know if you have read The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower or are thinking of picking it up in the comments below! Be sure to share this with your friends and make them aware of this awesome webtoon.


anime nomi the advanced player of the tutorial tower cover
The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower
Art style
The positive
Art Style
Fight Scenes
The negative
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