Devil Shot (데빌샷) Manhwa Review

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A review of Devil Shot which is a fantasy manhwa created by author and illustrator CTK. It follows protagonist Han Yisol who is a very charismatic and talented guy. The art style is very nice to look at and the fight scenes are awesome! It gives off a hint of Terror Man, Solo Leveling and Villain To Kill.

This manhwa follows protagonist Han Yisol, who just so happens to be making plans to watch a horror movie with his close friend. Out of nowhere just like a horror movie, a strange monster appears and appears to be carrying a mysterious object in one hand and a gun in the other.

Overall, a really cool and unique fantasy drama manhwa that revolves around demons. The characters are really likeable, the art is very good, especially during the fight scenes and the storyline seems to only be getting better and better!

What Devil Shot (데빌샷) Is About

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Title: Devil Shot
Korean Title: 데빌샷
Author(s): CTK
Artist(s): CTK
Known As: 데빌샷
Translation(s): Raw translation, English Version
Link(s): Anime-Planet, MangaUpdates
MangaDex: Title Index
Status: Ongoing
Long Strip Web Comic Full Color
Action Drama Fantasy Mystery

A Small Synopsis

Han Yisol just so happens to be making plans to watch a horror movie with his close friend when out of nowhere a strange monster appears with a mysterious object in one hand and a gun in the other. Unfortunately for Han, the monster is not alone and he soon finds himself in a dire situation… can Han make it or is this the end of his story.

Where to read Devil Shot (데빌샷)

This manhwa is officially available in RAW on the Naver website and in English which can be found on Webtoons. For the unofficial translated versions you can find them on scanlation sites such as MangaDex and MangaNelo along with various other translations.


What Is Good About Devil Shot (데빌샷)

Art Style

Right off the bat… the art style is just awesome. Hands down one of the nicest art styles I have seen in a long while! I really like the idea behind how the main characters are unique in their own ways making them stand out and not just be your run of the mill characters.


Within the first few chapters, you are introduced to the awesome characters and even given some brief information regarding the protagonists past. While it does not give too much away, it really gets you thinking about what could possibly happen next.


There is just something about Han Yisol that makes him a very likeable character, he feels very familiar and when reading his parts you just feel a good connection. The characters are serious and overall give the storyline that extra little bit of detail.

What Is Bad About Devil Shot (데빌샷)


So far I have not come across anything I don’t like, but as it’s still the early days of me reading this manhwa I will be sure to update this section if I come across something.

Overall Conclusion

I came across this manhwa accidentally, however, I am glad that I did as I feel it’s very unique and definitely one which I can get stuck in. I would recommend this to fans of Solo Leveling and Moshi Fanren (The Last Human).

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Let me know if you have read Devil Shot or are thinking of picking it up in the comments below! Be sure to share this with your friends and make them aware of this awesome manhwa.


Devil Shot (데빌샷)
Art style
The positive
Art Style
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