I Will Be Waiting For You In 1999 (我在1999等你) Manhua Review

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A review of I Will Be Waiting For You In 1999 which is also known as Wo Zai 1999 Deng Ni. It is a slice of life tragedy created and illustrated by author D-Jun. A very touching story about two boys from an orphanage who met through unfortunate circumstances.

The story begins by showing the two protagonists in a street fight with a group of delinquents. Suddenly one of them pulls a knife and stabs one of the protagonists and as he stumbles the others flee. We are then taken into a flashback while the other protagonist is finding someone to help due to the only phone being broken during the skirmish.

I very rarely read things like this, but this was probably around the time I read An Uncomfortable Truth (it was in the recommended on Manga Rock at the time). I remember just being so invested into it and while it only boasts a total of 34 chapters, the story did make me feel very upset and it grew on me as did the characters.

What I Will Be Waiting For You In 1999 Is About

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Author(s): D-Jun
Artist(s): D-Jun
Known As: I Will Be Waiting For You In 1999, Wo zai 1999 deng ni, 我在1999等你
Official Translation(s): Chinese
Official Discord: No
Light Novel: No
MangaDex: Title Index
Status: Completed
Genres: Drama, Slice of Life, Tragedy

A Small Synopsis

Two orphans, Ming Qi and Shi Yi meet by fate in an orphanage and become the best of friends. Years later they find themselves in a fight with some delinquents and Shi Yi gets stabbed. Ming Qi runs to get help but by the time he returns Shi Yi is nowhere to be seen… the mystery begins with the search for Shi Yi, will Ming Qi be able to find out where his best friend went?

Where to read I Will Be Waiting For You In 1999

This manhua is officially only available in raw and can be found on Kuaikan Manhua. The English translation of this manhua is also available unofficially through scanlation sites such as MangaDex and MangaNelo.


What Is Good About I Will Be Waiting For You In 1999


I thought the story was super and it really captivated my attention, I just had to find out more and find the answer as to what happened to Shi Yi. While the story does end quite shortly, I find that it wasn’t a horrible abrupt ending either. I think D-Jun did an excellent job with this one!

Art Style

D-Jun has also nailed the art, I found it very nice to look at as the colour palettes chosen were just right for each kind of scene! I really liked the line art of the characters and the choice of how they looked to suit their personalities.


As mentioned above I really liked the characters as they each had specific traits and personalities. I did hate quite a few characters… not going to point fingers due to spoilers but overall I believe this is what made this manhua able to retain my attention and make me want more!

What Is Bad About I Will Be Waiting For You In 1999

Too Short

I found that while the story did have an ending, there was probably a good further 10 – 20 additional chapters that could have perhaps been added, but that is just my opinion. This is not a deal-breaker for the manhua.

Overall Conclusion

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who likes graphic novels such as Pond Snail Robber, Lumine and An Uncomfortable Truth. I think it’s safe to say it’s kind of all of those put into one with just a hint of more tragedy.

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Let me know if you have read I Will Be Waiting For You In 1999 or are thinking of picking it up in the comments below! Be sure to share this with your friends and make them aware of this awesome manhua.


anime nomi i will be waiting for you in 1999 cover
I Will Be Waiting For You In 1999 (我在1999等你)
Art style
The positive
Art Style
The negative
Too Short
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