Player Heart Player (BL하는 게임 만화) Manhwa Review

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A review of Player <3 Player which is also known as BL-Haneun Game. It is a romance-comedy manhwa created and illustrated by author RURU (루루). This manhwa is about a college student named Doori, who aims to win a co-op tournament. He finds the perfect partner, Noah who is an absolute natural at the game Doori wants to win… however, he will only play with Doori in exchange for kisses.

The manhwa follows two college students, Doori and Noah who partner up to win the Battle Legend co-op tournament. However, the only term Noah has is that Doori gives him kisses.

I wasn’t too sure if I would enjoy this manhwa, but similar to Pond Snail Robber, it has a nice art style and the storyline isn’t half bad! Therefore I continued reading it and enjoyed it. I would recommend this to anyone who is after something similar to Pond Snail Robber!

What Player <3 Player (BL하는 게임 만화) Is About

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Author(s): RURU (루루)
Artist(s): RURU (루루)
Known As: Player <3 Player, Player Heart Player, BL-haneun Game Manhwa, BLするゲーム漫画, BL하는 게임 만화
Official Translation(s): English, Korean
Status: On-going
Genres: BL, Romance, Gaming, Comedy

A Small Synopsis

Two college students, Doori and Noah partner up to win the Battle Legend co-op tournament. However, the only term Noah has is that Doori gives him kisses.

Where to read Player <3 Player (BL하는 게임 만화)

This manhwa is available in both RAW and English versions. The RAW can be found on the official Comico website and the English translated version can be found on Tapas. Additionally, unofficial both English and Korean versions can be found on scanlation sites such as MangaDex and MangaNelo along with various other translations.


What Is Good About Player <3 Player (BL하는 게임 만화)

Art Style

I actually really like the art style as it feels like it’s unique compared to all of the other styles I’ve seen, it makes it look cute and I would like to read a lot more manhwa with this kind of art style!

The Characters

I think Doori is really funny and the way he overreacts and portrays himself is brilliant. I am not too sure about Noah just yet, but I feel that both Doori and Noah are pretty great. Let the ship say!

What Is Bad About Player <3 Player (BL하는 게임 만화)


I don’t really think I can find anything I don’t like about this manhwa just yet, but if I do then I will be sure to come back and update this section in the future!

Overall Conclusion

Overall, would I recommend you read this manhwa? Yeah, why not? It’s really cool and a must if you are a fan of Pond Snail Robber.

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Let me know if you have read Player <3 Player or are thinking of picking it up in the comments below! Be sure to share this with your friends and make them aware of this awesome manhwa.


anime nomi player <3 player cover image
Player <3 Player (BL하는 게임 만화)
Art style
The positive
Art style
The characters
The negative
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