How To Become A Dragon (합격시켜주세용) Webtoon Review

A review of How To Become A Dragon which is also known as Let Me Pass It. It is a fantasy-comedy webtoon created by author and illustrator Eon who has done an amazingly wonderful job with both the storyline and the art style! I have found it to be very enjoyable to read and it has blown me away with it’s funny storyline. A must-read If you like fantasy and comedy.

How To Become A Dragon is about our awesome protagonist, Young Yoo, teaching Bari, the Imoogi (Korean Dragon) how to get along with humans. Of course there is a whole load more to the story, however, I urge you to read this webtoon as soon as possible!

I decided to read this webtoon based on how it looked and the reviews it had. Within the first three chapters I was hooked and couldn’t stop reading more! Its very funny and it has an awesome storyline, a brilliant art style and most importantly… lovable characters you just want to root for!

This webtoon is available in both RAW and English versions. The RAW can be found on Naver and the translated English version can be found on Webtoons. I’ve added links to both in the webtoon description and the bottom of the review.

What How to Become a Dragon Is About


Author(s): Eon
Known As: Hapgyeoksikyeojuseyong, Let Me Pass It, Pass the Test, Pass the Test of Dragon, Please let me be a dragon, มังกรตัวร้ายกับนายติวเตอร์, 拜託讓我成龍吧, 합격시켜주세용, How To Become A Dragon
Fandom Page: Home
Official Translation(s):
English, Korean
Official Discord: No
Light Novel:
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A Small Synopsis

After being told he had to pay for his ancestors’ sins, Young Yoo, a simple university graduate is tasked with teaching Bari, an imoogi (Korean Dragon) all about humans and getting along with them. Bari needs to pass the Nakdong River Dragon Exam to become a full-fledged dragon… can Yoo pull it off or will Bari fail his exam!

What Is Good About How to Become a Dragon


Eon has done an outstanding job with how unique this storyline is – I have not read a webtoon with such a storyline before and I just keep finding myself wanting to read more and more!

Art Style

I think Eon has done an amazing job with the art style and the characters look very cool and unique. I like the different traits they have and the way the colours suit them.


The characters make me laugh and they are all very unique in traits and looks. I really enjoy the chemistry between the characters and I think my favourite character from the chapters I’ve read so far has to be Young Yoo. I cannot wait to continue reading and getting fully up to date!

Chapter Length

I feel the way the chapters are written and illustrated makes them the perfect length… there is just the right amount of information and pictures to leave you satisfied regardless of the chapter you finish on.

What Is Bad About How to Become a Dragon


There is absolutely no bad points I could think of about this webtoon, Eon has done an amazing job all around and I will be following this webtoon with excitement!

Overall Conclusion

What can I say, I am a sucker for cute art and good storylines! If you’ve read any of my other reviews you will know that those are two of the most important things for me! My overall conclusion is that Eon has done an awesome job and I really hope they continue making webtoons!

If you’ve not read this webtoon yet… what are you waiting for? It’s free on Webtoon and it’s a read you won’t be disappointed with!

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Let me know if you have read How to Become a Dragon or are thinking of picking it up in the comments below! Be sure to share this with your friends and make them aware of this awesome webtoon.


How To Become A Dragon (합격시켜주세용 / Let Me Pass It)
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