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Tapas (tapas.io), is also formerly known as Tapastic and was originally created as Comic Panda. Tapas is a webtoon and other graphic novel publishing website and app. It is free to use and also offers creators the choice to give users the ability to purchase additional pages or to read them entirely free. It is a WEBTOON (webtoons.com) alternative and has become extremely popular due to having various popular graphic novels such as; The Beginning After The End (Tapas.io Original), Solo Leveling, Tomb Raider King and Descent of the Demon Master to name a few.

Tapas is one of my favourite websites to use for finding new graphic novels and I would have to admit, the app is also probably the best and user friendly out of all of the alternatives. I like the idea of earning ink as well, but we can go over that a little later on in the review!

What Tapas (Tapas.io) Is And Why It Exists

In a short summary, Tapas is a social publishing platform for webcomics and web novels. It is where anyone can read stories or even create and share their own. The way it works is that stories are organized into series, similarly to TV shows or podcasts, where all series are comprised of bite-sized episodes made perfect for readers.

If you want to find out more about Tapas then you can check out their help page here: What is Tapas?


Common Questions About Tapas (Tapas.io)

Do you have to pay for tapas comics?

As mentioned above, while most of the comics are free for anyone to view – creators are given the option to have locked episodes which can be unlocked either through manually unlocking one at a time with Ink or multiple through the 1-Tap feature to get a discounted rate. Additionally there are “Wait for free” series which tend to start a timer and once the timer is up you get the episode unlocked for free.

If you want to find out more about this, you can find all of the information on the Tapas help page here: How do I unlock episodes?

What is Tapas Ink and how do I earn it?

Basically, Ink is used to unlock episodes and support creators on Tapas. It can be purchased from the Ink Shop or it can also be earned fro free by watching various videos or completing special offers provided on the Earn Ink page.

For more information head over to the Tapas page: What is Ink? How do I get some?

Does Tapas have any ads?

According to Tapas.io they use “unobtrusive” ads which “are designed around the story: no pop-ups or pop-unders here”. So the answer is yes, Tapas use ads, however, they are created so that they are not obstructive to the reader.

For more information head over to the Tapas page: Ad Revenue

What kind of content does Tapas have to offer?

As mentioned above, I read a lot of stuff on Tapas.io, I also look for new content on the website too. You can find examples of the content I’ve read and reviewed from Tapas below;

Does Tapas (Tapas.io) have an app?

Tapas does indeed have an app and can be found on Android in the Google Play Store, iOS on the Apple App Store and Browsers on Tapas.io.

What Is Good About Tapas (Tapas.io)

Good selection of graphic novels

There is a good selection of graphic novels and the content is only growing as time passes! There have been some excellent new additions to the content available such as Big Life and other recent graphic novels that have been picked up by Tapas. With the recent acquisition by Kakao, Tapas is bound to have a lot more content coming soon.

Nice website and app design

The Tapas website and app design UI / UX is excellent and I’ve found it to be a favourite among the other publisher websites/apps I use. The colours are very nice and the app is butter smooth when using it on my iPhone and iPad.

What Is Bad About Tapas (Tapas.io)


Annoyingly, the one thing I get upset with and find bad about Tapas is the notification pop-ups you get when opening the app and using it. However, this is just a personal opinion so maybe I just get annoyed by pop-ups easily!

Overall Conclusion

Overall Tapas.io is a very good website to find some new stuff to read and you should definitely check it out and give it a go. I would recommend it to anyone who is after supporting graphic novel creators and wants to find some new stuff to read!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve used Tapas before and what your experiences were!


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Tapas (Tapas.io)
The positive
Good selection of graphic novels
Nice website and app design
The negative
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