Witch Hunter (위치헌터) Manhwa Review

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A review of the popular manhwa series, Witch Hunter, which is also known as Witch Buster overseas. It is an action-fantasy graphic novel written and illustrated by CHO Jung-man. If you like anything involving witches, action with drama and some comedy thrown in, then this a great manhwa to check out!

What Witch Hunter (위치헌터) Is About

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Author: CHO Jung-man
Known As: Κυνηγός μαγισσών, Łowca Czarownic, Thợ săn phù thủy, Witch Buster, 猎巫神影, 위치헌터
Publisher: Daewon_C.I.
Fandom Page: Witch Hunter (위치헌터)
Official Translations: Korean, English
MangaDex: Title Index
Status: On-going
Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Action

A Small Synopsis

Set in a universe where witches threaten humanity, a teenage boy named Tasha Godspell is tasked with going into countless battles to destroy witches. However, despite the witches being Tasha’s enemy, he cannot bring himself to hate them.

Where to read Witch Hunter (위치헌터)

Since 2006, Witch Hunter has been published in Daewon’s Young Champ magazine. You can also find unofficial fan translated English versions on sites like MangaDex and MangaNelo.


What Is Good About Witch Hunter (위치헌터)

Art Style

Oh my goodness, the art style of the author! I really love how realistic the weaponry always looks, the character designs are very consistent and I always find myself looking forward to future Volume releases just to see the artwork in colour.

The Main Character

Let’s talk about Tasha.

For me, he is the most enjoyable part of this manhwa. I love the fact he’s an extremely flawed character with a lot of qualities to him that make him very likeable. While he IS a kind person, he does have a bad attitude and is incredible stingy, with many moments showing him scamming people out of their money. While I know a lot of people may not like this kind of character, I sometimes find myself enjoying a character with these traits.

What Is Bad About Witch Hunter (위치헌터)


Oh boy, this is probably going to make some people raise a brow. But please remember this is solely MY opinion; I am not a fan of fanservice. At all. I also happen to share this grip about the popular manga Fairy Tail too, as much as I also love that series.

Overall Conclusion

Before I found this manhwa, I scoured internet forums for manga, comics and anime that were similar to D.Gray-man. I was recommended Witch Hunter by so many people so when I finally checked it out, I was extremely surprised. Although it shares SOME similarities, the story is actually quite different and VERY interesting.

If you like the fantasy-themed genre with lots of action and a fun main character to follow, then this is a must-read for you!

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anime nomi witch hunter cover image
Witch Hunter (위치헌터)
Art style
The positive
Art Style
The Main Character
The negative
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