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INKR (, is created by the scanlation site MangaRock creators as a way to make up for all of the issues they caused to graphic novel creators in the past. Their website is now working on a similar business model to WEBTOON and and allows creators to upload their graphic novels and either set them as free to read or lock chapters until either a time limit has passed or the user buys the chapter with special currency.

While I enjoy using INKR from time to time, it’s not as content-filled as Tapas or WEBTOON, so it remains a reserve option for now. I do enjoy that all of the original MangaRock features have been moved across and improved on and that creators are finally getting the recognition and profit they deserve. It’s nice for more places like this to exist where creators can share their awesome stories and art with everyone!

What INKR ( Is And Why It Exists

In short summary, INKR is a digital comic reading app that aims to make comics accessible to everyone. We work with publishers and creators around the world to bring diverse, high-quality content to readers, packaged in a great mobile reading experience.

If you want to find out more about INKR then you can check out their help page here: What is INKR Comics?


Common Questions About INKR (

Is INKR Free?

You can read our ad-supported comic library for free, or unlock exclusive content with free INKR Extra Passes, INKR Extra subscriptions, or Coins. Depending on the creators and publishers, each title on INKR Comics may have different purchase options.

If you want to find out more about this, you can find all of the information on the INKR help page here: Pricing – INKR Help Center

What kind of content does INKR have to offer?

INKR has a growing library of content, however, due to being relatively new still, it’s going to take a bit of time until it can match up to the likes of Tapas and WEBTOON. However, it already boasts a wide range of awesome titles such as;

Does INKR ( have an app?

INKR does indeed have an app and can be found on Android in the Google Play Store, iOS on the Apple App Store and Browsers on

What Is Good About INKR (

Good selection of graphic novels

While INKR is relatively new still, it has an amazing range of graphic novels and some major titles as mentioned above. I can only expect great things from INKR and the MangaRock team.

Nice website and app design

The INKR website and app design UI / UX is excellent, especially since it’s based on their MangaRock app (which was regarded as one of the best scanlation readers of its time). I’ve found it to be much nicer to use than both and WEBTOON.

Excellent prospects

The ideas which INKR have put together seem very good and as the app and idea progress, it only seems to be getting better. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the major companies such as Crunchyroll or Funimation buys it in the future for a lot of money.

What Is Bad About INKR (


There is actually nothing I can think of which is bad about INKR, besides the fact it’s still new… but to be fair it has already picked up some amazing titles and it has awesome prospects ahead of it!


Overall Conclusion

Overall I really like INKR and am excited to see what will happen with it in the future. I would recommend this app if you are familiar with the previous MangaRock app. It has a good range of graphic novels and the list is only ever-growing.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve used INKR before and what your experiences were!

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The positive
Good selection of graphic novels
Nice website and app design
Excellent prospects
The negative
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