Rebirth Webtoon Review

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A review of Rebirth, an action sci-fi created by author and artist 69Michi. A post-apocalyptic webtoon similar to the Moshi Fanren manhua but with a unique twist on things. If you like horror, action, and sci-fi then this is the webtoon for you!

This webtoon follows a protagonist called Noah Shepard Collins who dies in the future but ends up going back in the past to before a solar eclipse happened which set the world asleep. His mission is to save his neglected son, Neo and to change the future where a lot of negative things happened. Little does he know things aren’t as easy as they seem.

I personally really enjoyed this webtoon and got caught up to date within a day or two of reading, I just cannot wait for Season 3 to be released! It’s safe to say that I am super excited to see where 69Michi will take us with the story!

What Rebirth Is About

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Author(s): 69Michi
Artist(s): 69Michi
Known As: Rebirth
Fandom Page: Home
Official Translation(s): English
Official Discord: No
Light Novel: No
Status: On-going
Genres: Sci-fi, Action, Thriller, Drama, Post-Apocalyptic

A Small Synopsis

Noah is given a second chance to turn back time and save his family, change the future and prevent disasters from happening. However, all is not as easy as it would seem and he is faced with various challenges along the way… However, the slightest thing can change the future drastically with major consequences, will Noah succeed or will he fail?

Where to read Rebirth

This webtoon is only available in English and can be found on Webtoons. The webcomic is 100% completely free to read on Webtoons and will really help the creator out.


What Is Good About Rebirth


This has to be one of the best original storylines I have read in a long time which involves the post-apocalyptic genre. I think it’s become one of my all-time favourites and I can definitely say anyone who picks this up will have a hard time putting it down!


The idea behind the characters, the way they behave, the way they are drawn and portrayed sets the mood really nicely. It’s exciting to keep following and seeing what will happen. I kept a close eye on the comments section and I think it’s safe to say that Michi has done an excellent job at making certain characters favourites and certain characters the hated ones.


All the way throughout the two seasons that I read it was full of mystery and secrets. The storyline is so well made and it really is able to captivate readers. I can definitely see this becoming an anime series if it got the chance like Tower of God and The God of High School!

What Is Bad About Rebirth


Honestly, nothing I can think of that is bad about this webtoon. A small personal dislike, however, would be the slightly weirdly drawn characters in the first 50 chapters, but as it progressed the characters became looking more unique and not strangely drawn (not too sure how to explain this). This isn’t really something that can break this webtoon and honestly, the art is amazing in itself.

Overall Conclusion

Overall if you’re a big fan of graphic novels such as Moshi Fanren, HIVE, or Sweet Home then this will fit right into your collection! Be sure to give it a read and support the creator!

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Let me know if you have read Rebirth or are thinking of picking it up in the comments below! Be sure to share this with your friends and make them aware of this awesome webtoon.


anime nomi rebirth cover
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